Phobia being around loud and verbally aggressive people

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      Thanks Paul and Brian for the good information, I'm going to keep going on this.  I like Brian's idea of nibbling away at the edges of my fear as it doesn't seem like such a large “jump” to my subconscious.  I will start using PTQT on installing positive beliefs.  I also really like Paul's analogy of a smoke detector that's set too sensitive as this is definitely how I feel.  I can recall dozens of times in my life where I first thought a person or situation was very dangerous only to find out that I could not have been more wrong, which was pleasantly embarrassing, I suppose  ::)

      Brian Tucker
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        To Paul's point a few positive suggestions to install that would likely create enough of a shift to allow you to operate more freely:

        When I'm attacked I'll be absolutely calm and relaxed now
        When I'm in danger I'll be absolutely safe and secure now
        When I'm threatened I'll be really safe and relaxed now
        Anytime I see trouble I'll be completely relaxed now
        Things are not as dangerous as they seem anymore now
        Things are not as bad as they seem anymore now

      Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)
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