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      I have ME/Fibromyalgia (7 years now) and I am on the whole coping very well.  I have used CT to remove the emotional issues that I am aware of.  However my husband is convinced that childhood trauma is still impacting me and stopping my physical recovery.  I have had all sorts of treatment ranging from NLP, Reiki, Body Code etc etc but he still feels there are hidden issues.  Are there any tracks that would be able to uncover any issues that I am currently not conscious of.

      Many thanks

      Paul McCabe
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        Hi Irvine,

        Thank you very much for posting and I applaud you for working on your issues.

        Some issues are medical/physical in nature, but medical and physical issues can certainly arise from unresolved emotional trauma. In any case, clearing the emotional trauma tends to be a really beneficial strategy.

        Tim has created some great tracks for resolving physical pain.

        There is a free option (and a paid option which includes bonuses) on this page:

        To help locate the cause of any emotional issues, the PSTEC Accelerators ( excellent for this purpose and I would contend that they are essential for long-term PSTEC work.

        They speed up progress, help bring to mind dormant or repressed issues/memories and help some of the PSTEC tracks work more efficiently.

        I hope this helps, Irvine, and I will let you know if anything else comes to mind.

        Kind Regards,

        Paul ?

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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