Physical reactions to Click Tracks

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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Hi all,

      On one of the audios Tim mentions how people often have physical reactions when using the click tracks, and tells therapists to be aware of this.  I can't remember offhand the examples he gives but here's one I notice a lot myself: I find I often sigh, completely involuntarily, in the course of click tracking.  It's like a sudden, deep intake of breath and then I exhale.  It feels good though, like I'm  physically releasing something from my system.  I had a few sessions with an EFT practitioner a couple of years ago and she spotted this too, she said it was a good sign.

      Just wondering if anyone else experiences this or similar physical symptoms when using the tracks?  I had a good session just now with the click track accelerator and this happened a number of times.  I have to say it felt like a load had been liften when I'd finished.

      Keep at it everyone, it definitely works!



      Hi Martin

      I have a similar response in that I yawn continuously through EFT and a little during PSTec – it is just your bodys way of releasing all that negative energy! And as you have noticed it does feel great doenst it! I know if I am having a good session with EFT if I yawn alot!




      Like you, I too, yawn but only when I resonate with a feeling and an experience that has surfaced.  Though not as much when there are little feelings, but more when I get an 'aha' moment; it strikes a chord with me because I finally found the source for my moment of misery and then a yawn.  I found it helps to put a label on the feeling and then let it go.  As others surface, I either interlink the feelings with the session I'm currently doing, or note it in my mind and begin again as a new session of clicks.

      Just my thoughts….



      Hi Martin,
      I'm just new to PSTEC and have noticed that I start to cry!!  (I am a girl : )  and sometimes at the end I almost feel like laughing…but for me I cry!!  I guess it just pulls all the negative stuff to the top if I concentrate hard enough and crying releases it…


      Yep!!  it DOES WORK!

      PSTEC User

        I'm interested in finding out more about involuntary physical reactions while using PSTEC because I have experienced my foot jerking strongly 1-3 times during every session.  It's quite odd, it's similar to the way your leg moves when a doctor taps your “funny bone” in your knee area.  Has anyone else experienced this and is their any significance to it?

        PSTEC User

          Hi LP,

          No feet jerking for me.  I do get some twitches in my back, but the most common reaction during click tracks is tons of deep, big yawns and watery eyes.

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            LP I had a tremendous amount of deep repressed anger. Often times when this would release I would have some intense physical releasing of this which sometimes felt like my muscles were having an earthquake inside! The good news is it would pass and then I would feel so much better.

            I don't know about a foot twitch but I have been meaning to make a post about this so I will do that.

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