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    Brian Tucker
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      I have used these with Positive/Positive Extra non-tapping track. Just repeat the phrase over and over again, imagine a new story as if this has already happened and try really hard to feel positive feelings to match the story.

      You might also interchange the word “being” with sleeping.


      #1 Why can I finally change my thinking about being with other forever?
      #2 Maybe I can accept
      being with someone else now
      #2 From now on, maybe I can think differently about
      sleeping with another
      #3 It's possible I can think positively about
      being with someone else now
      #4 From now I can think positive about
      with another person forever
      #5 Worrying about
      with another is always useless and silly
      #6 It's pointless for me to obsess about
      being with another anymore
      #7 Being afraid of
      with another is always ridiculous
      #8 Everytime
      talks about another I can automatically accept and ignore it
      #9 Anytime I think of
      with another I will immediately forgive her
      #10 When
      mentions dating I can forget about it instantly
      #11 I am over worrying and freaking out about
      dating someone else now
      #12 I am done thinking about
      with another now and forever
      #13 I can stop caring about
      and another at all now.
      #14 Now I can let go of all thoughts of
      being with another forever
      #15 When anyone talks about
      dating another I will always feel calm and relaxed
      #16 I am always relaxed and confident when someone mentions
      dating another
      #17 From now on when I talk with
      I will always feel safe and secure.
      #18 When I am with
      I will always feel relaxed and confident.
      #19 I always feel at peace when I am with
      #20 When I am around
      I will always be cool and courageous.
      #21 I will always feel safe and secure anytime I am around
      #22 When I see
      with another I can always feel brave and secure about myself.
      #23 Anytime I see
      with another I will always be strong and fearless.
      #24 When I see
      with another I can immediately forget about it forever.
      #25 Thinking about
      being with someone else is pointless and meaningless.
      #26 I can finally forget about
      being with someone else forever.

      would be your intimate partner and of course choose man/woman as necessary. If you have the specific first name of the man/woman you can use that as well.

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