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    Brian Tucker
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      Recently, I had a client who suffered from extreme anger and pain due to the constant feelings of anger. This person had a very dysfunctional/traumatic childhood. They were bullied heavily throughout life, suffered from countless broken social and intimate relationships, struggled with work/job loss. He was in an extreme life slump, completely stuck in all aspects of his life, his partner having an affair. he was under the duress of the threat of divorce, had been out of work for three years and could not get a job.

      The symptoms of his problems and emotional suffering were similar to a disorder defined in the medical world as Posttraumatic embitterment disorder aka PTED

      More about his “disorder” can be found here:

      This gentleman was experiencing extreme anxiety, severe PTSD-like flashbacks, irrational fear, dark/evil angry thinking, rumination, extreme hatred and resentment all the time. It was his reality.

      Over the course of about five weeks, using nothing but the 2015 clicktracks and accelerators, this gentleman was able to completely dissolve and resolve every issue associated with this.

      It was rather complex and emotionally intense due to all of the various experiences/feelings that were combined together to create the bitterness (resentment) just as described at times he felt as if his face was going to explode/be ripped off because of the extreme pain caused by these stored emotions.

      All of the issues he had were so complex it had become his identity. Using the PSTEC tools everything is no longer part of his reality.

      Just wanted to report that once again PSTEC can work simple miracles for even the most complex issues.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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