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    Humir Madrid
    PSTEC User

      If I wanted to be more productive, which path would be more effective to take:

      A. Installing a go getter attitude using PP, affecting productivity in general.


      B. Using PP for each individual specific tasks to make it easier to do. Then keep doing that to all the other tasks that need to get done.

      Is A. too much and would that take care of B?

      In other words if I just did A then would B be redundant.

      With regards to working with a PSTEC practitioner, would you recommend A. as it would be more cost-effective. Is it possible to do it in one session?


      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi Joseph
        I would start first with the Basic Click tracks and use them to remove/reduce any feelings that hinder you from achieving your aim of productivity. Consider why are you already not as productive as you would like? What ever you come up with can be reduced. This then would make any subsequent work with Positives so much more effective. The Positives can be aimed at small targets or larger.

        Most Practitioners offer a free or low price initial assesment, none will guarantee a precise number of sessions in order to resolve your problem, as every problem and every person is different. However  some offer fixed price for a fixed number of sessions like myself as PSTEC Miracles Therapists. This is a 6 session course and includes a whole battery of PSTEC tools at a discount price. This course should resolve or reduce most issues. NB you “fix” you, practitioners, doctors, whoever only give “expert” advice and some extra tools and analysis which should speed up the process. The healing happens within you, if you allow it to, by believing it will. You have started the process with the Free Basic Click Tracks and Free advice here, and it does not come any more cost effective than that.

        Sally Baker
        PSTEC User

          Hello Joseph, I agree with Peter that working with the basic click tracks is the way to go to release whatever emotions are around being productive and getting on with things.

          I would also like to suggest Magic Sentences for Procrastination as a way to go forward to. I know I have a vested interest as I wrote this one  :) and it's another product that comes with a fee of $18 but the feedback I've been getting from clients, both face to face and in response to working on their own with this have been very positive and they have recognised real shifts in their thinking and behaviour.

          So, I'm just putting this out there. It is another option for you to think about.

          FWI Magic Sentences will also launch as an Iphone app in the new year available from the Apple Store (for all you Apple gadget people) and Ending Procrastination will be one of the launch Magic Sentences.

          Good luck with getting focussed! Regards Sally

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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