Problem with using one of the PSTEC CASCADE RELEASE suggesions.

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    Danielle Watts
    PSTEC User

      Hi Jeff,
      The Cascade Release method suggests that one should move the problem into the distant future say 50  or even 75 years. The problem I have is that if you know for a fact that something drastic happenned when you were three days old that has caused your current problem, and you have recently become 50 years of age, listening to Tim's suggestion of getting the subconscious to move the problem to 50 or even 75 years, if the the subonscious decides to move the problemt to 50 years in the future the problem will not be removed, because 50 years in the future from the origin of the problem will correspond to having moved it into my current present. When the CASCADE RELEASE track is on and I hear Tim saying 50, should I immediately try to substitute that suggestion by saying to my mind 75 years, do you think that will work? I will be most interested in hearing your opinion regarding how to deal with this type of matter, as I believe not to be the only person who has problems that have originated 50 years ago. Regards:

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi dandy!

        I want to bring up a very important aspect of doing PSTEC work… or any “change” work or work in shifting your perceptions for that matter … this is not intellectual work, not a time for analysis per se.  You see, being intellectual and analyzing aspects are the work of the conscious mind which engages your Critical Factor and actually can prevent or slow your shifts in perception.

        The PSTEC Suite of Tools, for the most part, are geared toward shifts at the subconscious level and that part of our mind is not logical … quite the opposite of the conscious mind.  So, beware of intellectualizing or analyzing when doing your PSTEC work.

        With that said…

        The reference in Cascade Release (CR) to moving something along the timeline of your mind 50-75 years into the future is FROM your present.  So, if you are 50 years of age, that would be out to your “age” 100-125.

        Here's the Truth of the problem… although it is on a timeline in the past, the subconscious considers that memory or series of memories in regards to an issue as being in the present, so when you reference moving something into the future, it's from NOW… from your present.

        Now, I am curious if you completed the CR process because there is another segment of that process that goes beyond “just” moving it into the future.  I won't spoil it if you have not completed the last segment of the CR process, but continue both segments of the CR process.

        Also, if you feel a bit stuck “in your head”; sometimes some work with a practitioner will help move you along… Check the PSTEC Registry for someone you can work with, even over the phone or Skype.



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