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      I had been working on this with the CTs but it still is a general issue for me.

      For example, when I am participating in class talking directly to the professor I am stuck in a fight or flight mode which I cannot address. I also feel the need to dominate or put down and impress authority figures and create confict with them.

      I tried to BB it but the word “Authority” doesn't resonate with me

      I think this problem has a lot to do with my dad who was a very autoritarian figure when I grew up, very insensitive and he was trying to dominate me and being on top of me on every move I made. And getting really angry when I didn't do what he wanted.

      This also made me very rebelious towards authority figures and in my relationship with men (I don't have almost any male friends).

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Truman,

        Thank you for posting.

        It might be worthwhile focusing on current and historical interactions with people in a position of authority, and CTing the feelings linked to that down to 0. There will be patterns linked to this which probably run deeper than just general authority.

        Go back to your childhood where you perhaps felt powerless or belittled.

        Think also of the following concepts:

        – people bossing you around
        – the idea that you were being undermined
        – the idea you are being patronised
        – feeling judged
        – the idea you are being mocked
        – feeling weak or vulnerable
        – feeling threatened in social situations
        – feeling people are angry with you
        – feeling subservient
        – feeling “I can't let them think they've won”
        – people dominating you (physically or simply shouting you down)
        – feeling that someone was trying to take liberties with you to look “stronger” or “the alpha”

        You could bundle these together and run a long CT2015 or run each concept individually via a another Click Track (e.g. one play while focusing on “feeling judged” etc.)

        As well as this, check in with the following beliefs:

        “It was dangerous to let others have control”
        “What made me OK was dominating others”
        “I was not safe in group situations”
        “Group situations were scary”
        “I was not worth respecting”
        “Anger was scary”
        “People thought less of me when I wasn't rebellious”
        “Being rebellious kept me safe”
        “Men couldn't be trusted”
        “Dominant men were dangerous”
        “People in powerful positions wanted to harm me”

        If any of those resonate, I recommend BBing them and layering in some positives with PQT.

        I hope that helps, Truman. Please let us know how you get on.

        Best Regards,

        Paul  :)

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          thank you paul. your support is always appreciated  :D

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            Truman try to CT the feelings of your parents being extremely strict with you. Impossibly strict, militant even.

            Also the belief “Dominant men were dangerous” Paul mentioned is a big one. The same belief can be had for women and people in general. You can simply CT these feelings and imagine your mother, father, bully, friends, bosses everything you can imagine about dominant people.

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