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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      A follow up post from William from his previous topic found here at this link…

      [/color]Hi Jeff and all,
      [/color]I said I wanted to get back to this forum with positives. I am so pleased to tell you all, because of PSTEC I am improving daily. I am tackling all the issues Jeff mentioned in an earlier discussion…thank you Jeff.
      [/color] I am going outside further and further and my confidence is soaring!!! PSTEC is the best healing modality I know, and believe me, I know and have tried many. Tim and Jeff are geniuses and I KNOW I am going forward and life is getting better and better!
      [/color]Thank you to you all for the posts you have put up here which really does help and gives us hope and a knowing it will all work out. Also thank you Tim and Jeff.
      [/color]I will be back to keep you up to date with my progression. Can't thank you all enough.
      [/color]I wish you all health, wealth and happiness.
      William James

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