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    PSTEC Mike
    PSTEC User

      Hello guys,

      I really wanted to make a poll for this topic, but unable to find an option for that. I'm not sure if there is one?

      Back on topic, I wanted to post this asking the community how they would feel about an extension of PSTEC. I posted this idea a few months ago and Tim liked it and is currently working out the kinks of how to do it.

      The technique I suggested is basically using the “cue word” aspect of other self-help tools like Be Set Free Fast and ZPoint and incorporating that into the PSTEC line of tools. You basically would listen to an hypnotic track in which Tim installs a subconscious cleaning program into your sub-mind and gives you a cue word. Every time you would then say or even think your cue word, it would eliminate the negative feeling tied to the negative thought.

      You would useful in cases where you're unable to use the click tracks (say at work for example) but need some healing help. You would simply think or say your cue word and your mind would do the work for you.

      Would you be interested in using this technique? Would it be helpful to you? Post your answers.

      I plan on tweeting this topic and asking for your opinions.


      gavin underwood
      PSTEC User

        Hi Mike,  I'm a newbie in my experience with the CT, and I don't use Twitter, so I'm going to answer you now on that basis.
        In my experience, I would have thought that having put your subject material through the CT process, possible cue words, would be part and parcel of having undertaken that journey, and when asked for, would be available to you in-house, rather than going outside to look for additional help, and using someone outside of your experience to supply cue words. Using your own cue word, gleaned from your processing the subject previously, surely, would allow a healing response (at work) through association as all we experience is stored somewhere within.
        I personally don't know anything about cue words used in other self-help tools, so I may not be accurate in my assessment of your post. So far I have found that just thinking about the CT and starting to tap, interrupts the negative feeling enough to move on, in that moment. What comes to my mind is; If it ain't broke, why try to fix it. Or am I missing something. Gavin

        Meghan Saunders
        PSTEC User

          Hey Gavin & welcome – – –

          For a newbie, I feel like you are concrete with your thoughts about this.  I did not know how to put this into words but find you have.  Prior to this post I did feel this concept is already built into the PSTEC process. I have being using this extended imagery & imagination & intention to be able to use pstec away from actual audio.  I do it in my head so to speak.

          Maybe Jeff or Tim could add in here please?  I'm not sure – but couldn't you just build this concept into a Pstec Positive statement and write out something to the effect of”  Every time I think the word _____________ I will release tension & emotional attachments and feel calm and confident.  Therefore being able to coin any connection with the current tools? 

          A way I have been doing this would be after 'installing' this phrase via a few rounds of PSTEC Positive I then can be in the moment, repeat my word inside my head and the pstec positive is in motion?  Is this not the same idea?  I too was wondering if I might not understand this technique here.

          Gavin I too feel like I can think about doing click tracks anywhere or coin a pstec positive for later use for either clearing or 'encouragement' just by thinking about it.  It works.

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Nice suggestions… I love it when we all think of possibilities… a good brainstorm clears the air quite often… as long as we are ok with “criticism” or comments… here goes…

            Mike's question about a word that would trigger the peak performance reminds me of Tim's… er … PSTEC for Peak Performance.  ;D Tim uses a physical anchor or trigger, but it is similar and along the lines of what you are asking for.  It's also like having a song you link up in your mind with an empowered feeling… very effective.

            So, what about a word… Tim will release something along those lines in the near future, but Meghan's suggestion is more to the point because, sorry Gabriel (but I do appreciate the enthusiasm), please do not use the PSTEC Click Tracks with statements or even cue words.  ONLY use the CT's for clearing emotional issues.  No reminder phrases or anything like that.  Tim did suggest one exception and that was the “Why Technique” to help encourage your mind to release more of the cause or source of your unpleasant emotions and issues.

            Ah, but, just yesterday, Sally Baker shared “How to Create Your Own Weight Loss POWER WORD with PSTEC” and there is some good stuff in there as well… check it out when the recording is release in a day or so.

            Mahalo for all the suggestions and dicussion!



            gavin underwood
            PSTEC User

              Hi Jeff et al, I hope that this first paragraph is not purely a unconscious reaction on my part, to any perceived criticism, of my reply to Mike, as, in my past, on many occasions any glimpse of possible criticism in the offing, would have me emotionally bereft, running back to my (dark) cave/pit/duvet/womb, to brood or worry resentfully as my dictionary suggests, for, usually days on end, and consequently to install into my memory banks, as a fact, to be believed as such, a distorted movie of the event. Very unproductive, but, maybe some protection from any thinking of other, bigger hurts; or perhaps, I had been, just gathering hurts (like Blackberries in the Autumn) to confirm my pictures of the world and most other people in it, (especially some family members). It was in my mind, as if they were trying to annihilate my presence in their world. At the time, I thought I came from a small very friendly planet, inhabited by my people, and we were known locally as Sprackett's. Not something I spoke openly about to others, but, a pleasant alternative to the above. Now here at the end of the paragraph I can say, I take on no criticism from your reply. Ye hah.
              I digress from the point that Mike started this thread with in the first place; just to add though, for others, whom read the posts, but feel maybe, unable to post a reply of their own. (In the past, that would be me).
              For me in my very recent introduction to this forum ( and PSTEC ) I have found writing my few posts to be a very cathartic exercise, on top of which I now find I can reflect on what I've written/posted (often in the early hours of the morning) and edit my ramblings, or, even delete (parts) them at a later hour/day. How fantastic is that.
              Previously, I was carrying on a private correspondence with Jeff alone and he kept hinting that it would be a good thing to do it in the forum. My internal reaction to that was-UGH(thanks Meghan)-HE MEANS GO PUBLIC, with my questions/views/opinions; that will be a first for me in 60+ years, do I really have anything relevant/helpful to say?
              When here, no one is paying for a psychoanalyst or the like, but when I compare (naughty) this short experience with that longer experience, I know where, I feel, I've gained the most benefit.
              It would interest me, to know, that, if you or Meghan had already replied to Mikes post when I first came to see it, whether, I would have felt bold enough to add anything to that, at this moment, I'm not sure I would-interesting though, for me, to see that aspect.
              In my reply to Mikes posting, I was not speaking of my experience in using the CT's, it was more like, my experience in life, that had me picking up on his point of, his feeling a need for cue words to use when not listening to the audio, (at work etc). My experience with that scenario is that, I wouldn't want to search for any cue words nor affirmations, there is no searching involved, but I do automatically now think of the CT's (is that a cue word) and start to tap, not for long, that's not needed, a few taps to left and right-not trying/needing to replicate the actual CT's, is enough for me to move past most negative feelings in the moment, only, where I feel there is a need to act, rather than just allow them to be what they are, just my thoughts. (Pre PSTEC, when I remembered, I can say, “just, drop it” and they usually do just drop from my mind).  And then wait until I can listen again to the real CT's if needed. I guess it also depends on how oppressive the feeling feels, one would need to work differently with a headache than is needed for a migraine.
              And if you re-read my post, it's full of you and yours (Mikes), not, my and mine, experiences.
              For me, I had thought, of it, that the very fact that the basic (which is all I know about) PSTEC CT's do not have any need for affirmations or cue words or the like, as a major bonus, as I had built up a dislike for them (putting it mildly) and in all probability I would not have taken to another therapy that has them included (Oh, the rigid mind) until I read Meghan's post in another thread revealing that after-all positive statements/affirmations are only the flip, to what (most of us) we feed our mind with usually/constantly anyway.
              Amazingly I had never thought of them that way. 
              You state also, that Meghan's suggestion is more to the point than mine, I would expect nothing different, as I, as stated previously am a newbie with only a few experiences of the basic system, and a toe in the water in using the Stop Smoking module. And we all have a little knowledge at least, of Meghan's stature in regard to PSTEC.
              Go Easy, All whom entered. Gavin

              Jeff Harding
              PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                Mahalo for your posts (previous and current), Gavin.  All contributions are welcome and are appreciated because, if we stay with the spirit and intent of PSTEC, then all that we encounter in our lives is ripe for forgiveness, letting go and, dare I say, Unconditional Love (or Unconditional Caring if “Love” still feels too intense).

                You never know what you write in the forum and also what you read that might help anyone, including yourself, to get a little closer… little closer … little closer… to being imperturbable… to being Truly Free.

                And, since no one knows the direct or even “ripple” effect of what you write … let's be honest, does anyone REALLY know EVERYTHING that goes on and how it all works? … then none can, in all honesty and Truth, define, judge or conclude whether it's “good” or “bad.”

                This goes for anyone reading…
                If something “tweaks” you… if something you read brings up feelings that are not J.E.E.P.; then my recommendation is that you seize the opportunity because that is your wonderful subconscious giving you clues about something that is amiss within… something that is not in harmony with Life.  Follow the breadcrumbs of those feelings to the source or cause and pull out your trusty Click Tracks (CT's) and be done with it once and for all!

                Remember, it matters not what people think of you, it only matters what you think of them.

                So, Gavin… everyone… carry on … be transparent … speak your mind … you're safe here … but, more importantly be aware when you are not in Harmony and heal it.  You have the tools and you have the support!

                Malama Pono… Aloha!


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