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    Sally Baker
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      Due to the book Liz Hogon and I co-wrote about using EFT, PSTEC and hypnotherapy to resolve and release the emotional/stress triggers leading to over-eating or dis-ordered eating (Achieve Your Natural Weight), we of course see a lot of clients whose bodies are out of balance.

      This can typically manifest in carrying excess weight and in turn, obesity often comes hand in hand with type 2 diabetes, or a diagnosis of pre-diabetes. We see so many clients now with this condition, (I’m in London, Liz in Melbourne), to the degree that we have built up a whole set of resources to assist clients dealing with this, and other, chronic conditions.

      There’s a great quote in the book Sugar Nation written by Jeff O’Connell. He wrote,

      “The truth is, by the time you have or even flirt with type 2 diabetes, there’s probably a lot more out of whack in your life than just blood sugar.”

      In our own practices we are finding this to be the case and PSTEC, along with EFT and Hypnotherapy are proving to be key to changing mind-sets and enabling people to change habits, adopt healthier life-styles and step up in their own lives by creating shifts in thinking and belief systems.

      In our work with clients dealing with chronic disease it is common for them to feel completely over-whelmed with the degree of medical intervention they face. So over-whelmed, in fact, that they often feel they have little, or no part to play, in living the best life they can live and this perceived powerlessness can keep a person stuck in a huge amount of negative thinking and feeling.

      There are many emotions played out around serious illness that can get in the way of optimal health. There can be issues around deserving; massive self-blame; anger directed at self; long-buried anger at others; and huge amounts of frustration through to self-punishment, fear and self-sabotage. There are also, of course, secondary gains, however uncomfortable, to be explored and released along with allowing self-forgiveness and the development of self-worth and ultimately self love – all steps on the journey towards being, and living as well as one can.

      Scientific evidence recognises that type 2 diabetes responds better to life style changes than the current drug regimes. However, that’s a big ask of someone who feels that they don’t count, may never have counted, or believes on some level that they don’t deserve to thrive.  And that is the power of these tools and the wonderful nature of this work. Clearing the blocks so that you can feel more peaceful and relaxed about being you can have a profound and beneficial impact not just with diabetes but all illnesses are exacerbated, to a degree, by cortisol hormone, a by-product of adrenaline, which is triggered by stress.

      So, what this post aims to share today is that whatever health concerns you have, and we all have some, use the click tracks to clear anything standing in your way to being the star in your own life. Take the time to gently explore any self-sabotaging behaviour; aspects of self-punishment; limiting beliefs; side-way activities of pleasing, or fixing others instead of focussing on you, and your needs, and so develop life-enhancing self-acceptance for who you are now – imperfectly perfect.

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