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      Hi all
      We've got PStec click tracks to reduce negative emotions and PStec positive to instill positive beliefs. Is there a plan to make a PStec track that boosts positive emotions? One of the symptons of depression is Anhedonia whereby there is reduced ability to enjoy previously rewarding or enjoyable activities.


      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha oz … there is no reason to “boost” positive emotions as they are already there, but there is  barrier to allowing them to come through and usually they are belief aspects that don't allow them to come forth as well.

        Remember, emotions are merely a communication from the sub about the state of affairs in the mind… nothing more, nothing less.

        If you notice, even with the first run of a CT on a memory, after the CT is done and the previous “non-JEEP” feeling is neutralized, let's say anger, if no other unpleasant emotions are present with that memory then pleasant emotions… J.E.E.P. … come through.

        Quite often there is a peace that pervades and is finally recognized and “allowed”, but several reasons crop up (as beliefs) that prevent the person from enjoying that new found peace, such as: 'This is strange and I am afraid of what it means.' … or … 'This is so unfamiliar it scares me.'  You see, that's the sub and its attempts to keep the status-quo… it is not normally programmed to enjoy change (although it can be).  So, the person gets scared back to the old Mind Model.

        I had another experience like this in a private session… after the CT and the anger went down to zero, the person said …
        Client: There is another feeling!
        Jeff: What is it?
        Client: It's scary!
        Jeff: Fear?
        Client: No.
        Jeff: Have you felt it before?
        Client: I can't remember ever feeling this way… what can I do?!!
        Jeff:  Let's sit with it for a moment.  Where do you feel it?
        Client:  All lover my body… it's … it's …interesting.
        Jeff: Is it pleasant or unpleasant… give it a chance.
        Client:  {Pause}
        Client: It is kinda pleasant… it's like a buzzy bliss.
        Jeff:  Have you ever felt that before… does it now feel familiar?

        The client went on to say that it was and that it had been a long time since feeling that way.

        So, you see, it's usually the beliefs that get in the way of being able to allow the positive feelings to come through and, most times, those beliefs center around not being worthy, not being capable, not believing they will last, not believing in a safe world, etc.

        You see?

        So, it's not that the positive feelings need a boost, it's that we have to get out of the way and let them through… get the non-JEEP feelings out of the way and also the limiting beliefs.

        Malama Pono (take care, be right)!


        Peter Bunyan
        PSTEC User

          HI Oz
          Beliefs are emotions interpreted into words by or for your conscious. Every emotion has its corresponding behaviour. Behaviours are the outward sign of the emotion, words are created to rationalize this. Example I can see someone who looks sad or happy, they communicate this non-verbally with body language (behaviour) but they  can also use words. Since beliefs are only the explanation for the emotion/behaviour pattern they are not so powerful a way of changing emotions as changing the actual behaviour pattern. This is the mechanism behind “Action cures Fear”. You can also SMILE even when you do not feel like it, smile at everything and it can change your feelings (emotions). Add a positive that smiling will help you feel better more positive and it begins to sound like a plan. If you think that you will feel like a right fool smiling at everything then this is something to CT. Try also the free  Wealth of Abundance and the new Positive Extra as they also have positive aspects to them.

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