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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

      This board is not only to talk about PSTEC Positive Secrets, but also to share your thoughts about Positive Statements used with PSTEC Positive (PP).

      Share them here and you may just inspire others … not a bad thing, yah?  ;)

      Keep in mind …

      Some have asked for suggested positive statements or “standard” statements on a subject or issue.  Now, this can be helpful, but if you want to be more and more effective and efficient with PP, then you must address the issue yourself in accordance with your own personal mind model.

      Each and every person has a unique mind model… that means somewhere at the time I am writing this there is over 7 billion of those out there.  We do share some common beliefs, of course, but still unique not only in content, but also in structure.

      So, don't just look for a standard phrase and think about it as a “pill” to cure your ills.  Take the time to be aware of your own mind model including its definitions, conclusions, beliefs, values and behaviors.

      If you need help, contact someone at the PSTEC Registry to help you.


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