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      I am going through a self love course and one assignment is to do the following:

      Every  morning  for  two  minutes,  look  at  yourself  in  the  mirror  and  say  OUT  LOUD words  like  these  to  yourself,  ”I  love  you,  youʼre  amazing!  Have you seen yourself  lately,  youʼre  so  beautiful,  you  are  the  love  of  God,  thatʼs  how  I  see you!  You  are  divine  perfection!”     

      I thought of PSTEC and how I can incorporate it into this practice. I decided on standing in front of the mirror, eyes open, hands over my heart chakra, non-tapping version of Positive Extra Power playing in my headphones and repeating the above paragraph. I have done it two times already for the whole length of the track, which is almost 6 min.

      I'm wondering if this process can be improved. I know that Positive tracks work best with short sentences, so I'm not sure if I'm doing it efficiently. I'm open to changing my whole statement, shortening it to one succinct phrase. I need a little guidance, though.

      I welcome any advice on approaching mirror work with PSTEC. Thank you.

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi DarekKow,

        Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum.

        I hope you are enjoying your course. In my experience, PSTEC can greatly enhance the benefits you can get from other courses – especially those that provide “conscious mind” concepts and protocols.

        With PSTEC, the standard protocol is to start with the Click Tracks. So, if you feel bothered by anything at all (a trauma, sense of self, fears etc.), this is the preferred way to start. Emotional clearance is important, as starting from a place of calm and inner well-being makes most things more productive.

        You can also work through and eliminate beliefs that feed into an emotional or behavioural pattern. This can be done via:

        Belief Blasters (
        PSTEC Negative (

        Both of these work exceptionally well. Different instructions apply to each, of course, but they are highly effective and will enable you to eliminate any beliefs that are eroding a sense of self-love.

        Self-love is quite a broad subject and, generally, negative self-esteem beliefs feed into a pattern of self hatred or a feeling of not being enough, loveable or worthy.

        There is more than one way to get there with PSTEC, of course. The Positive tracks work at layering in desired suggestions of change.

        The best information for using these tracks can be found on PSTEC Positive Secrets ( and this guide is packed full of great tips and suggestions; I will offer some that you could use or tailor to your own needs. I will leave out the period/full stop because, as advised in Positive Secrets, this can make a difference.

        In general, keep the suggestions short, punchy,  plausible (for your current mind model), positive and desirable. To make this more clear, if someone felt “unworthy of love”, they could CT the negative feelings to 0 or 1, BB the contributing  beliefs and layer in a suggestion like “Perhaps I am worthy of love, after all” or “When I see myself in the mirror, I can feel content”

        You can also layer in “Every day, I will notice new ways to appreciate myself” and “maybe I can let my inner beauty shine in everything I do”

        There is no “one size fits all” with PSTEC, and I would recommend selecting a series of phrases that resonate with you.

        If you have a connection with God, as indicated in your post, you may also consider a suggestion like “God loves me completely, and so can I”

        This is likely to have greater impact for most people than something like “I am the most beautiful person on the planet!”

        Bottom line is, though, make it the suggestions meaningful and impactful for you.

        If you have any further questions, please let me know.

        Paul  :D

        Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

        Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

        Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

        Skype, Zoom, in-person & phone sessions available…

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