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    Troy Thomason
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      Hey I'm Troy and have been enjoying amazing results with PSTEC and PP!

      Well anyway, I'm working on social confidence: being able to go out alone, perhaps to a night club, and meet new friends. I also want to be able to meet more women.

      I've come a long way with this and am now very socially confident.
      My focus is now networking, and meeting new women to date etc.

      So my questions are: what would be the best PP statements to effortlessly meet women I'm attracted to and meet new friends?

      Would it be okay to internalize a belief such as, “Beautiful women and/or people are eager to meet me.”? I believe this would make me much more proactive and motivated in socializing and making new friends. I'm wary about internalizing it because I can't control other people.

      I'd love any input!

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        I'm glad you've made progress. Well done. 
        People often react towards us based on our behaviour, facial expression, posture and the other signals we subconsciously display. Your suggestion makes perfect sense in this context.
        As such…. I think it's an excellent idea and a fine belief to hold.
        Great question.
        Kind Regards

        PSTEC User

          Thanks for posting your question, Troy.
          And thanks, Tim, for your response.

          Tim, you're so helpful here on the forum! 

          Please come back again soon…

          requin aka kris.

          Troy Thomason
          PSTEC User

            Thanks Tim, that helped a lot!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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