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    Gert Zantman
    PSTEC User

      I'm not quite sure what's exactly the difference between the stop smoking package for therapists and the one for self help. I can see in the therapist package there'll  probably be an emphasis on helping others to quit smoking,but is there also a difference in the click tracks or so?

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        You hit it on the head, the therapist version emphasis is to help you serve others by assisting them to quit smoking.  So, the tools (tracks) in both packages are virtually the same.

        Gert Zantman
        PSTEC User

          Hi, Jeff
          I've been using the stop smoking package, but not very succesfull.
          The problem is I don't get to the point I manage to stop smoking for 2 days.
          It feels like I'd really want to stop smoking and at the same time it feels like impossible to ignore the craving. I don't know if the problem is in my motivation or in my false beliefs about smoking. I'v been using the audios as explained in the description but didn't succeed up 't ill now. Do you maybe have some kind of advice for me?
          Thanks a lot,
          gert zantman

          Jeff Harding
          PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

            Hi Gert,

            It depends and, most likely, it may be very beneficial to work with a practitioner to help guide you along.

            Two main aspects, and you touched on one, can get in the way…

            • You have some very stressful emotions underlying your perception of life and your possibilities.  For example, if you are very, very stressed (or other emotions, like anger, sadness, anxiety) on a regular basis or feel those feelings running under the surface of your consciousness, then that heightened state of emotion can keep you on edge and unable to progress.

              *So, using the Click Tracks on the non-J.E.E.P. emotions and memories or imagined events could be helpful … well, they are always helpful.  :)
              * Also, you mentioned, “it feels like impossible to ignore the craving” … two ideas on that… imagine, not ignoring the cravings, but just not giving in to them for 2 days so you can get to the next step; how does that feel when you imagine it?  If you have non-JEEP feelings, then run the Click Tracks on the imagined event of stopping for 2 days and not giving in to the craving and also trying hard to hold the feeling.

              Then, the belief issue…

            • Beliefs… especially the belief that PSTEC can be helpful; or lack of it … can get in the way of you allowing the PSTEC tracks to do their work.
            • [/list]Without knowing the specific beliefs that are in the way, here are some suggested Positive Statement to use with PSTEC Positive…
              Use these prior to use of the click tracks and other tracks with the Stop Smoking Package…

            • “When I listen to the click tracks I follow the instructions because they are important”“I want to feel what happened when ………. so the click tracks will be able to quickly help me.”
            • “I want to gently release my emotions to enjoy my life and to do so completely”
            • [/list]Repeating these a few times before doing anything else may well pay dividends. Of course a genuine intention and desire to do this so as to be happy is important.

              These are very carefully worded and so should be used verbatim.
              Again, difficult to pinpoint or help you through here, so I suggest if these don't help, to visit the PSTEC Register and you can work with someone over the phone.

            Peter Bunyan
            PSTEC User

              Hi Gert
              How are you getting on?
              Jeff always gives great advice and we all want to help you. It would be great if you kept in contact. Your story might help others.

              gavin underwood
              PSTEC User

                Hi all, I also purchased the stop smoking package and have failed to get through the two-day lay-off period several times now. I also agree with most of Gert's post of the 13th of May.
                I'm not in a financial position to go consulting a practitioner to help me, finding the initial $37 was hard enough, at this moment I would find difficulty raising the money to pay for the phone call.
                There is a company in the U.K who have a product called Ronseal, (I think it's a varnish for wood) their advertising logo is “It does exactly what it says on the tin”, which is what I'd got so far from using the Click Tracks.
                I'm disappointed that the stop smoking package, for me, would need to add terms and conditions to that logo, or perhaps, I didn't notice the small print!
                Go Easy Gavin

                Jeff Harding
                PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                  Hi Gavin,

                  Sorry to hear about your struggles… let's see what's going on under the hood (yours) a bit and see what we can do.

                  A caveat or exception is not needed because Tim's methods on Stop Smoking invariably work.  Individually, there are variables because not everyone follows along as they need to so let me attempt to assess a bit here …

                  A few questions…

                  • Are there some major stressors in your life right now that are uncommon and/or extremely intense?
                  • You mentioned, “failed to get through the two-day lay-off period several times now”… can you give me a bit of a rundown on what you did during the “primer” period leading up to stopping for 48 hours?
                  • How many times, each time, did you listen to the primers?
                  • When you attempted to stop for 48 hours, how did you feel during that time?
                  • Also, how did you feel prior to attempting to stop?  Were you ready?
                  • When you attempted to stop, were they particularly stressful periods?
                  • [/list]
                    Let me know your thoughts and feelings on each question above and then I can also suggestion some course of action.



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