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      Here is a story that someone asked to have posted for them about getting the help you need when you need it and the success that can follow…

      PSTEC – The Good News:
      I downloaded the 2 free click tracks and used them to deal with a real (to me) fear of loss.  The most amazing thing for me was that it worked the very first time and I am not sure I completely understood how to follow the directions correctly!  I think these have been very carefully thought out.  They have been remarkably effective for me.  I am pretty high functioning person and went back for more click tracks just to try to get better at life…  Think and Grow Rich (because I have always liked the book), Negative Belief buster and one for Procrastination but I haven’t gotten to it yet .  Read on for what came next…

      The Better News:
      Disclaimer: I butcher the Queen’s English, am a student of the human predicament, an amateur on how our minds work and am hopeful that sharing my thoughts and experience will help you in some way.

      I am the type of person who is very analytical.  You know… how does it work?, why does it work?, can I make it work better?, what if I do this?, what happens if I do that?… all in the name of getting to a “root cause” of a problem or a faster resolution.  I like to figure things out.
      I am also accountable to myself and prefer to look inside when facing something that causes me “trouble” (pain, frustration, loss, “stress”).  I never back down from this kind of work and can tell you that I will eventually figure whatever “it” is out.  But listen to what I wrote- “eventually” because I come back to this at the end.
      I get very upset when I don’t make reasonable progress in measurable time.  If this sounds like you, then you know that this can be maddening.  If it doesn’t sound like you… just picture this – you will never catch up, you can never do it fast enough… all the while foolishly believing that you can.

      As I mentioned, after downloading the first 2 free tracks and measuring the quick success I had putting them to good use, I bought other tracks to try use them to improve in other areas.  My thoughts were that I will use these in the same type of self-help setting.  I did not have any problems incrementally improving when I put in the work.  I will also tell you that I did not really know which thoughts or feelings were contributing to the issues I have been trying to work out, so I would make some progress and then fumble around trying to identify what to work out next.  You see, I am willing to invest the work it takes to help myself.  I am stubborn and I consider myself pretty good at figuring things out.  I was becoming more frustrated with the process because I took it as far as I could on my own.  The law of diminishing returns was starting to kick in- there was no benefit I was going to get from continuing trying to go further by myself.
      o  I did and could spend more energy to continue to do this myself
      o  In doing so, I was stalling with how to make the tool work with my own issues (to be expected), then make some progress, and stall again
      o  I was stalling for longer periods of time and getting more frustrated. 
      o  I remembered what one of my mentors told me- “do what you can so when you get to the point where you need to ask for help, you will find people who are more helpful.” 

      Ok FINALLY the conclusion: 

      Although you could help yourself, do you have the time and sanity to maybe “eventually” work through your issues without help? Wouldn’t it be nice if you make it further in less time?  Put another way, did the diminished progress and extra time put into figuring out where to go next balance out for me?  NO.  I needed help and by the time I could admit it, I was questioning what took me so long to get to that point.  I found Sally Baker (Advanced EFT & Master PSTEC therapist here on this forum) and asked for help.  I have to tell you that the benefit I got from working (actually via Skype) together with her has moved me further than I ever thought was needed in a shorter time.  Not only was she able help me to cut through issues effectively, she was able to use other tools in her toolbox to identify and break through other issues that I wasn’t even clear were part of the problems.  Do yourself a favor and find someone you can work with to get through your “stuff”.  The extra help makes a big difference and I am grateful to be able to share this with you.
      All the best,

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi JS

        Thanks for sharing your story, sounds like good news to me.  ;D


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