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      Hello  Folks,

      I have pretty much smoked marijuana pretty much  every day for 30 years.  I guess if you have to be addicted to something, Pot is better than heroin and alcohol, but I feel its time to put it down.  If nothing else, my weight has become a medical issue and when I smoke pot, I get the muchies and I going backward in my weight reduction project.  I was surprised that while there is a whole system download to purchase for smoking (which I did for my wife ) and I saw some things for gambling addiction, but nothing on drug addictions.

      I am in the process of becoming a PSTech therapist, and feel that my pot addiction is really slowing down my progress of achieving that goal, as well as a whole new vista of clients that can use this wonderful technique. 

      Does anybody out there have any experience or suggestions on how to proceed? there are the free click tracks, the various other packages which include the positive click tracks, accelerators, etc. 

      I don't feel the need to reinvent the wheel, has anyone developed a protocol on using PSTech for drug addiction, especially marijuana addiction, that they care to share?


      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Goatherderpete … good news/bad news … which one do you want first?

        I'll give you the “seemingly” bad news first because the good news is so incredibly powerful that you will forget about the bad news as you realize its insignificance, which really makes it NOT bad news.


        Here's the not-bad-news: There is no basic protocol … no standard process … no one size fits all… no scripts or magical phrases, etc. for an addiction to marijuana. Seems like that might be a bummer, yah?

        Oh, also, no, the Stop Smoking is specifically for tobacco so it's not appropriate for da mj, mahn … or anything else that is smoked other than tobacco.

        So, that's may “seem” like bad news, but it's NOT-bad news and here's why it's not…

        Scripts and one-size-fits all “solutions” (and I use that term loosely) MIGHT hit on your individual and unique issue, but they stand a much better chance of missing the mark and worse!  'Worse?'; you say… yes, it could be worse because the failed attempt could end up manifesting in more disappointment and more resistance than you had before using those scripted solutions.

        Ok, so, let's move on to the Good News and why it will give you incredible power, such that you will forget about that supposed bad news above…

        Tim's Tools (aka: PSTEC Tools) are designed by Tim to address any issue that you have without being scripted.  What does that mean?  It means that as Tim converses with your subconscious through the basic and essential PSTEC Tools, he is addressing whatever you are focusing on.  You focus on fear of something and Tim is addressing it directly to the subconscious for you.  So, in reality, you are participating in a conscious and customized approach while Tim talks to your subconscious to help you get the results you desire.

        Think about this for a moment … see the power for yourself.

        Let me repeat that one previous point: “…addressing whatever you are focusing on.”  You control the sessions … you control how to shift, shape and change your mind at the deeper, subconscious levels which will produce a new Mind Model that can produce new manifested or, better worded, new EXPRESSIONS of yourself.

        So, what's missing if results are not happening is that you are not focusing on the correct issue, aspect or cause of your problem.

        Here are some guidelines… and … along with each guideline, I will give you, not just theory, but practical uses of PSTEC Tools to manifest the results you are looking for…

        Note:  I will use your issue with mj addiction but anyone else reading can apply these same practices with PSTEC to any issue… so flexible!  ;D

        • Find out why you are smoking. There is a reason to medicate, to escape, to get numb, etc.  We don't just do it, to do it… we do it for a reason, whether it's mj, cocaine, tobacco, food, relationships, skydiving, etc. … it's not the mj that is the issue, it's the reason why it's done.

          Practice:  Let's start with finding any emotional reasons because when we move down the unpleasant emotions, transcending a Mind Model gets easier and also we are more clear about beliefs (more on that in  moment)…

          Imagine your most reliable time that you smoke… when is it the most needed and most enjoyable.  Got that in your mind?  Now, imagine in that exact situation that you DO NOT light up… you don't even touch it … you WILL not and/or CANNOT smoke.  How does that feel?  Is it a non-JEEP feeling?
          CT that and be aware of any other thoughts and feelings that arise.
          This can help you discover more memories, thoughts and feelings that come up related to the cause of your addiction.

        • In the emotional work, you can use the free Basic Click Tracks, the EEF's (extra strong Click Tracks) and the Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT)… all of these can be used for emotional issues.

          When you get started and are not sure of the causal issues to your addiction, consider use the ATT's because they will encourage your subconscious to give up da goods… the thoughts, feelings and memories that are supportive of your addiction.

        • Very important to also look at other memories, certain people and imagined future events that invoke fear and anger. What are the feelings that arise before smoking that seem to dissipate as you smoke… what emotions are being “handled” by the pot? Ask: 'Smoking pot helps me to _______________.”
          If the answer to that is about an emotion, such as, “…helps me to stay calm.”  When are you not calm and why?

          Look at when you started smoking … what was the first time… relive that and see what non-JEEP was present.  It could be peer pressure and trying to feel accepted … it could be anger and rebellion to someone; to spite them … it could be fear of handling a stressful situation … etc.  Do you see the problem with scripts?  These are just some common possibilities and what if the script does not address them ALL?  And, they can't … or what if you are very unique in your Mind Model causes?

          But, when you sit and ask the questions and ALLOW the subconscious to reveal these issues … remember, use the Accelerators … then you will know the issue to focus on.

        • Pleasurable responses ... it's important to look and CT the emotional reasons above first… if you are avoiding people, avoiding certain parts of life, avoiding doing what you really want to do in life… then you have emotional issues still sitting there.  Be sure you do some substantial clearing there before proceeding…

          You can also CT the pleasurable feelings you get when smoking.  Just do it in your mind… imagine smoking and feeling the excitement of being able to do that… to feeling good, numb or whatever you perceive it to be.
          Now, take that imagined event of doing it while TRYING HARD to feel that feeling, yes, the “good” feeling, and CT that.

        • Beliefs … ah, so important and essential. You must address the beliefs related not only to smoking, but also the beliefs that relate to not being able to handle life without it … here are a couple from your post that would be helpful to address:

          “I guess if you have to be addicted to something, Pot is better than heroin and alcohol”
          Do you see how that can keep you in the loop of smoking?

          Address the perceived safety in smoking, such as it's not that bad and that's not the problem, etc.  As your post says, “when I smoke pot, I get the muchies and I going backward in my weight reduction” … and … “feel that my pot addiction is really slowing down” … but, if you feel it's safe at the same time, do you see the conflict?

          Remember to address beliefs with PSTEC Positive or PSTEC Positive Extra Power.

        • PSTEC Positive Secrets … it's important to know the difference between the emotional issues and beliefs and behavior issues.  I did not talk about behaviors, but they too can be an issue and are addressed with PSTEC Positive.

          Invest in PSTEC Positive Secrets to discover some aspects of the Mind Model and how to shift it that you have never realized before… this piece is groundbreaking and a priceless value.

          I won't go much more into beliefs because I have already gone for quite a bit and you have alot to work with here, so that's why I recommend PSTEC Positive Secrets.

        • [/list]By the way… great decision to find a solution to take care of your addiction because when you transcend that, you will have a knowledge that you can use to help others in ways a standard protocol can't … you will have an invaluable set of skills to disseminate to the world and I look forward to seeing you do just that!

          Malama Pono!


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