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      Hi everyone :D

      First, thanks Tim for making such a product so affordable!
      I had a few runs with BB tackling some of my biggest core beliefs,
      and it seems to be working pretty great!

      Given that when expressing intentions the mind doesn't seem to acknowledge the logical operator “not” (the famous “don't think about the monkey” etc), is it ok to use it in phrasing statements to be blasted?

      Ex: I want to install “I'm a winner” -under the assumption that erasing the limiting belief will pretty much let the correlated positive one dominate- should I go for “I have not been a winner” or “I had been a loser”?

      Maybe it doesn't make any difference, but I want to be sure.. Thanks  ;) 

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        My pleasure. That's very kind of you.  I jumped in because this needs a definitive answer.

        Yes you definitely CAN use the word “not” with Belief Blasters.

        Rather than  “I was not a winner” or “I have not been a winner” you may wish to try “I couldn't be a winner”. That would be my choice but all are workable.
        Anyhow, 'yes' you definitely can use negatives. It's a great question and thank's for posting it.

        Kind Regards

        Sindee Lee Gillespie
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          Thank you so much for asking this question Tom! I had been wondering the same thing (too much NLP training…lol). And Tim, thank YOU for the answer and awesome product :)

          With appreciation,


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            Thank you so much Tim!  :D

            I'll verbalize exactly as you suggest..

            All the best!

            @SLG glad it was useful for you too  :)

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              Obviously there are lots of possible variants and in some ways it's best not to be too prescriptive.  English offers lots of great choices.

              Another really good choice would be “I couldn't have been a winner”. That's almost like a double step into the past and it certainly places it squarely within the right timeframe.

              As you play around with the Belief Blasters you'll quickly find what you personally prefer not least because you'll also discover what works best for you. Enjoy!

              Kind Regards
              PS  remember to tell your friends about PSTEC! :)

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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