Recovery time for athletes

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      I want to start a new work out program
      called body by science.its where one
      Only works out for 15 minutes  a week.
      However,the author states it's the best
      Work out for bodybuilding,fittnes and health.
      He says only once a week because it takes that long to recover.
          Well you see I just read that it's our
      central nervous system that takes that long and
      not the muscles. Many athletes or bodybuders have
      Been known to take steroids to speed up recovery time.
      If it's our central nervous system and
      not our muscles that take that long to recover
      Could pstec take the place of athletic enhancing drugs.
      If you look at all the pro body builders
      Today they look big so much bigger than bodybuilders
      30 years ago it has to be steroids.
        One thing steroids do is speed up recovery time.
      What if they could of pstec instead? Am I
      Way off or is thus being done?

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Aloha Saxman … as with any recommendations, keep in mind that we are not medical professionals and any physical activity or use of drugs and supplements should be used after consulting with your medical professional.  Also, be sure to read the PSTEC Disclaimer and Terms of Use…

        With that said…

        The biggest question of the day… and probably every day … would be: “Is there a limit to what the mind can manifest physically.”  Don't we all, at some point, ask that question either overtly or silently?

        That brings up all sorts of possibilities when we experiment with using our Mind rather than just forcing things physically and in physical ways.

        It is, in my view, our “duty” to experiment with our Minds in specific ways and to not only think but also act with intention because the alternative is acting automatically as dictated by the subconscious and then we find ourselves stuck… stagnant.

        For workouts and physical health… can PSTEC help?
        Of course!

        Look to use the Click Tracks and EEF's (a part of the Level 1 Package) for emotional issues that get in the way of taking actions that are in the best interests of your desires.

        Then, very important, look to shift beliefs with PSTEC Positive (also a part of the Level 1 Package) and PSTEC Positive Extra Power to shift beliefs and behaviors that support your intentions.


        Be careful what you wish for because as you “program” the subconscious to direct and help you toward your goal, there is little discretion and it's your conscious job (as mentor and leader of the Mind) to be sure that your desires to not contradict each other.

        For example…

        Perhaps the quickest and biggest way to work out is viewed by the subconscious to some use of steroids.  If you don't want to go down that path, you must include in your goals and intentions what you want and in what basic direction you wish to go… perhaps the concept of building naturally and be sure the subconscious through your instructions knows what that means.

        Make sense?

        Be specific but at the same time leave it open for other possibilities that are acceptable to you.

        A wonderful new program Tim and I are currently making available is “Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC”… but it does not only refer to money, but richness in every area of your desire…
        This is the type of program that will enhance your desire to experiment and move and in directions you previously did not think possible … and how to do that.

        I have rambled a bit but this subject is quite an open one and may seem complex, but if you keep it simple and use the PSTEC Tools, you will surprise yourself:

        • When you feel non-JEEP about what you desire, clear it with the Click Tracks, EEF's or even Accelerator Tapping Tracks (ATT).
        • When you have thoughts, beliefs or behaviors that are contrary to your desire, shift them… make new suggestions that support your desire by using PSTEC Positive (PP), PP Extra Power or even ATT.
        • [/list]Malama Pono!


        Peter Bunyan
        PSTEC User

          Hi Saxman
          In addition to Jeffs thoughts.

          The time it takes to recover from any exercise session depends upon the intensity and duration of that session, the training load. This can be measured by gadgets from Polar, Garmin and Suunto which can calculate Heart Rate Variability (HRV )which is the time interval between heart beats and Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). From this data a period of time can be determined to allow for recovery. Recovery time is also affected by diet particularly in the hour following the exercise session and sleep a full 8 to 10 hours is suggested for athletes in training. Intense exercise stimulates the body’s production of Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone which accelerate the growth required to recover and grow stronger.

          How can PSTEC help? Use the ClickTracks to remove any negative feelings following a bout of hard training. “I’m lazy/weak” “I’m stupid to have gone so hard” Any blame or anger with any training partners. Getting stressed over your exercise targets and schedules can be relieved with PSTEC also fretting about any Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) you may have incurred. Furthermore using Positives to re-enforce your belief that you will recover quickly and easily will assist your immune system to recover from the intense exercise as well.

          Yes indeed PSTEC can help you recover.
          PeterCurrently an Ex UK Athletics Coach my licence has expired.

          Steve Blampied
          PSTEC User

            Folks, just to chime on on this one…

            I'm a CrossFitter and I've used PSTEC Postitive to great effect on my workouts.

            In particular I used it to the effect of “Every time I do Crossfit, I will work to the peak of my ability ” I noticed a real improvement in my results from that.

            I also use EFT for DOMS, which takes the edge off nicely.

            I'm also intrigued by the some research that shows visualizing exercise has a direct effect on muscle strength.




            Peter Bunyan
            PSTEC User


              Re strength. You may have seen weight lifters in competition, one may lift his best ever then his rival goes one better. The first then knows that he only has to lift one(whatever) kg more to win and achieves just that.  He has not got any stronger in the short interval between lifts only in the thinking that he can do it. So yes strength is also in the mind.

              Personally I have used visualizing for some years both in training and competition. As a coach I have tried teaching others but mostly they think I am crazy. Example, in order to finish a race as fast as possible I imagine a lion/tiger chasing me. The more I can hear it's breath and paws on the ground, the more I think of those big teeth and perhaps hear a roar, anything to get me scared, gets me to run faster for a while, no matter how tired I am. Only works once, but at the right time…
              As a runner to have faster feet is to run faster. Imagine running on a hot surface, this is the cat on the hot tin roof effect. Or imagine you are running across a large shallow puddle with your feet moving so lightly that there are no or only  minimal splashes.
              The possibilities are endless!

              Peter Bunyan
              PSTEC User

                Hi Jeff
                Can you please move this thread to the Sports board.

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