Scientific Research on PSTEC?

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    John Karpowicz
    PSTEC User

      Have any scientific studies been done to determine what goes on in the brain during a PSTEC session (or at least some idea)? …. and further, in comparison to things like hypnosis, meditation etc?

      Given the outstanding results PSTEC delivers, there must some physiological phenomenon occurring in the brain itself……..and it would be interesting to know whether the technology exists (and has been used) to understand what is happening.


      Ritchie Cates
      PSTEC User

        Hey John,

        Very interesting question. I have no “technical” knowledge maybe Jeff, Cynthia or even Tim could your answer it properly.

        From what I have learnt about PSTEC: (my own take)
        I think with the basic free tracks – it works simply by occupying/distracting your conscious with the listening/tapping to the tones and with the thoughts along with listening to Tim's words then scrambles your negative thoughts on the subject at hand, once scrambled your sub cannot hold onto the same feeling it initially had and can begin to let go. As you say there must be more of a physiological phenomenon going on there but that's along the lines of what I have learned so far from a short basic understanding.



        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

          Hi John,

          No, nothing has been “measured” in terms of brain waves, physiological responses, etc. during the use of PSTEC.  Definitely a curious aspect to consider.

          Here is the best explanation of how or why PSTEC works…

          Tim has always said, whether it's PSTEC or anything else, All that matters is the results.  Especially when acting as therapist/coach/practitioner; when a client walks through the door, both parties are only concerned about one thing… the results and especially long term or permanent results.

          A survey was done recently by Tim with a group of various practitioners that are actively using PSTEC and here are the results…

          87% of therapists, counsellors and coaches
          rated PSTEC as being very effective. (Survey undertaken August 2011)

          I too appreciate the exploration of the “whys”… one of my favorite questions…
          :- )
          … but there are times when I wonder if the answers to the “why” questions are  superfluous at best.

          An article on the subject of Observation Effecting Reality opens up the “slippery” nature of exploring the “whys”…

          But, with that said, I'm still all for asking “Why” because it usually leads me to results in some manner.

          Take care and thanks for opening the subject.



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