Should I use the Click Tracks if I am feeling good?

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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      I am sitting here feeling pretty good and wondering if I should do a couple of rounds, but concerned that it might all kick of again if I do. Is it wise and will it help to do a couple of rounds whilst feeling ok.What do I focus on.

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Brian,

        Feeling good, huh? … hhhhhhhmmmmm, bummer! :- )

        I use JEEP when it comes to guiding my actions in Life here.
        (joy, enthusiasm, excitement, peace).

        When I am feeling non-JEEP, I look for the source of that and pull out the PSTEC Click Tracks to clear away the cause of it.

        When I am feeling JEEP (or as I mentioned to Cynthia before, sometimes my JEEP is not just rolling along, but flying), I do the most logical thing I can think of… I Live Life!

        So, one suggestion is to look at the desires of your heart because when you are in JEEP (and “pretty good” might just fall into that category) then your heart is open and that Light of Inspiration just might shine through. So, that's when it's time to do the 2-Step (mind you I have not gotten to the PSTEC part just yet)…

        The 2 Step is like this…
        1. Get Quiet
        2. Listen

        Find out what you “ought” to be doing.

        Now, take that inspiration… that thought of what you desire to do… and begin to pull out your PSTEC Positive and follow the directions. Structure your phrase to suggest to your subconscious… prioritize it by repeating it with the feelings… then run a PSTEC Positive Click Track.

        Then, go live that inspiration… take the first action… and enjoy!

        Now, you may be motivated and take the actions or, sometimes, when we begin to move forward, we hit that “ceiling” that has been established by the subconscious within our Mind Model (explained in detail in the PSTEC Advanced Package) and we find ourselves 'out of the JEEP.'

        So, what's next is we take that feeling… allow the memories to come up and plug in to the Click Track or the EEF and shift those feelings… release those emotions.

        Once clear… continue where you left off with the Positive.

        Does that make sense?

        So, to summarize… here are the fundamentals…

        1. Non-JEEP? Click Track (CT) and/or EEF, check in with #2
        2. JEEP? No, go back to #1… Yes to JEEP, go to #3
        3. Do the 2 Step… Get Quiet and Listen for Inspiration
        4. Take the Inspiration and form your Positive Statement and use PSTEC Positive
        5. Any non-JEEP come up? Go back with that non-JEEP to #1
        6. Still JEEP? Take actions and enjoy.

        This is a bit simplified, but hopefully you get the idea.



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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