Sick, scared and desperate. Where to start using click tracks?

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      I have problems falling asleep early and sometimes I won't be able to til sunrise by which time I'm filled with desperation and fear and the physical manifestations of such become more obvious in any and many of a variety of physical symptoms and in my desperation I tried last night I tried to use the clock tracks just on my feeling of concern over my sleep problems. But I know my problems aren't sleep related. So is using the click tracks for these surface emotions useful or should one focus more on underlying issues? Like right now as I write this in feeling sick in my stomach and upset over how late in the day it is and overall helpless and desperate but it's an effect of something(s) larger in my life. Like, my life is just a huge set of mental/physical bad habits and patterns I unconsciously follow where in the middle it gets confusing WTH is going on.

      It feels like I'm stuck in the middle of a ball of yarn and I can't find an end to trace the mess back to. So if time is available could one just click track on just about any emotion less than positive, even those that are direct results of physical discomfort or will this approach be a waste not focusing on what got me here in the first place, which really is the million dollar question. And is there a point in answering it anyway? Aren't we all suffering from a collection of arbitrary moments in our lives where we lost something that all somehow are related to fear and/or ignorance? Do we need to look much deeper into it? As I sit here sick and unemployed(or non productively self employed) I'm a bit confused as to what to focus on and desperately I want to click track my stomach ache away or my fear of taking on the day late and feeling ill.

      Do I need to travel through my mental past to my first significant traumas? How do you select what to work on when you have a huge salad of a mess in front of you?  So a little guidance would be helpful. Thanks

      Brian Tucker
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        This sounds like you have anxiety? Do you have any known history of anxiety?

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