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    Scott Lambert
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      I own my own business and at the end of each day I come home. I Usually put in about 10hrs/ and 6 days/week.

      When I get home I cannot relax because I feel like I should continue to work. I have a battle in my mind and I finish the day with the regret of not doing enough. Stuff still needs to be done! I have revenue goals to reach, marketing tasks to implement and home projects and maintenance on the to do list. I feel extreme guilt if I relax but most times I am tired and don’t want to do much. I want to eat, relax with my wife for a few hours and go to bed. So I don’t relax and don’t work, I stew.

      The thoughts that come up are: (insert guru or famous business leader here) works 80+ hours a week. How come he can work that much, build multiple companies and succeed at them all wildly. I haven’t been able to make one work the way I want it to.

      If my business is so important, why am I not spending every free second I have to make life what I want it to be? Why don’t I have the energy to work that much or that hard or that smart. Why are their results so much better than mine?

      I also had an epiphany that my life is full of half completed jobs. I can see evidence of incomplete jobs everywhere from my website to my home renovations and it’s a long list. This seems related.

      I know every successful person has to go through failure to become successful. I find that I’ve gone through so much failure and have had such limited success in comparison. Other people seem to have a much easier time and a lot more financial and life success and a lot less failure.

      So at night when I’m reflecting on the day, I go into a panic. I feel overwhelmed and out of control in my business, my life, my relationships. I don’t feel safe or that I provide the security for my family that I should.

      I’m concerned about finances. We seem to always pull through but that is not my intention. My intent is to prosper.

      Everything in business that I try works to a degree and then it doesn’t.

      When I hear other peoples stories and how they created success I notice I had a similar experience but I didn’t see the opportunity they did. I walked away from the situation and they created an 8 figure business from it. I can think of close to 10 situations that others created success, abundance and financial security out of the same situations I had over the years.

      I’m not living the standard of life that I want for myself or my family right now.

      Any help to reframe, change beliefs, install new and better beliefs, or change perspective would be appreciated.

      I have every PSTEC DIY resource that has been sold in the past so I have all the tools to work with.


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