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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      Ending anxiety will change your life. There are many ways to approach this using PSTEC as a whole to remove anxiety disorders.

      The best way is to work with a PSTEC practitioner to help you drill to your specific problems and desire for change with precision.

      I would like to preface this do it yourself, self-help post – that it is not an absolute fixed approach though it is one approach that miraculously worked for my situation which is covered here What I would like to address here were the underlying causes of my anxieties. My thoughts are anyone having either or both of these conditions could use this as a foundation to get them at least free enough to see and clean up any leftover specifics that might be causing their “condition”.

      I had severe anxiety to the point where I could barely function on a day to day level. I had the general and social anxiety since childhood though did not realize that's what it was. It was so extreme and “normal”, it was my identity.

      Tracks I used:

      + No More Anxiety
      + Free Basic Emotional Click Tracks
      + 2015 Clicktracks
      + Accelerator Tracks

      – Step 1: Listen to No More Anxiety once a day, every day do not miss as per the instructions – When you listen to the track it is very important to really feel those anxious feelings as you think about what is bothering you the entire time you listen. This step will continue until your anxiety is gone for at least two weeks.

      – Step 2: Use the clicktracks ongoing to remove any doubt that pstec will work and/or frustration and impatience that it's not working. I would suggest you spend several days removing both frustration and doubt the best you can based on this post as your guide: You will likely encounter this at various points along the way. As soon as you experience it at any time, neutralize it with the clicktracks immediately. Because you have anxiety you will only want to run 2-3 runs of the tracks a day because overuse can severely exasperate your anxiety. As your anxiety starts to dissolve overall, you can begin using them more. Though the free tracks are included in the No More Anxiety package, I elected to use 2015 tracks because they are gentle and forgiving in that aspect.

      – Step 3: Once step 2 has been addressed you will want to address specific areas based on the book The Anxiety Toolkit using the clicktracks

      CHAPTER 4 – Hesitancy: How to Stop Holding Back from the Things You Want to Do

      CHAPTER 5
      Rumination: How to Get Your Thinking Unstuck

      CHAPTER 6
      Paralyzing Perfectionism: How to Stop Getting Derailed by the Wrong Kinds of High Standards

      CHAPTER 7
      Fear of Feedback and Criticism: How to Work with Your Sensitivity to Feedback

      CHAPTER 8
      Avoidance: How to Stop Putting Your Head in the Sand About Important Things

      The approach that worked for me was addressing these in the following order

      a. Any scenarios and feelings involving fear of feedback/criticism
      b. Any scenarios and feelings involving avoidance
      c. Any scenarios and feelings involving perfectionism
      c. Any scenarios and feelings involving hesitation

      It's not necessary to read the book, though it might help with identifying what types of situations to neutralize. I would use the 2015 tracks and incorporate the wrapper track along with tapping accelerator tracks to address these. I did use the “why technique” on these, specifically this process for large patterns.

      At that point most, if not all of the final item, rumination were resolved on their own through the elimination of these causes AND through the repeat listening of No More Anxiety.

      The final item that was a HUGE creator of my anxiety was unresolved ANGER. I could have easily spent a month on clearing out anger. Remove any and all signs of it at anytime you experience it. Even if you are not angry try hard to be angry etc as hard as you can and run the “why technique” on it.

      It took me roughly 6 months to get completely free of these “disorders” I would say if someone were to follow this approach right from the start they could drastically cut that down. Fear of intimacy, affection, rejection, abandonment could also be a part of the mix however, by the time you resolve the above items you should be relatively clear on what you can choose to address next.

      Thank you again to Tim for this new life I am leading and all of the folks who have offered input and support along the way.

      As always, I encourage other practitioners to contribute to this post.

      PSTEC User

        Hi Brian,

        I would like to ask you for aour advice on using No more Anxiety track as I believe you are the best one to reply to this because you really invested a lot of time on using this track.

        If I understood correct you focused on what was bothering you, feeling the feelings of anxiety AND at the same time also focuing on what Tim was saying. would this be correct understanding? the reason I asked this is because I have hard time focusing on Tim’s words and also focuing on what is bothering me. I have a hard time focusing on all of this. I can focus on Tim’s words or on anxiety but not on both at the same time. thank for your comment on this.

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