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    AvatarPeter Bunyan
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    Having been “talking” to requin a lot recently has just given me an idea.
    Where as the “your stories” might be best for success stories another area for stories more as a diary or journal ,one thread per person story. More “work in progress” than success at last might involve and engage users more. By adding to their threads at least on a regular basis each user would be committing themselves to showing what progress or lack of they are making. But starting one would show that they are at least willing to change. With all of us giving support and encouragement a bit like a slimming club.
    Any one else like this idea?

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    This is a good idea.  On another forum I used to go to (not about PSTec)  ;)  they had what they'd call “____'s Journal” which would be a new thread started by that person, to talk about whatever they want re: the forum topic.

    Like Peter suggests, it's not just a sounding board for problems but a place to discuss difficulties, what approaches are being taken, and progress.  It allows other users to join in, add support or tips, and learn from the thread.

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    I like that idea.  I see it as a way to honor the process.  There are some benefits to organizing specific areas so that people can ask and answer questions from their personal experience. In a specific location.

    For instance an area; thread where people could connect in respect to working with the Think and Grow Rich aspect.  Or anxiety issues, anger, depression.

    I see it's pretty much happening here already now but it would be continuing posts where information of a like nature could be asked and gathered for future support of people going through a similar subject and or process. :D

    Great idea Peter :D

    Thank-you for all your info and guidance.

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    AvatarPeter Bunyan
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    requin and Gold Heart

    Thanks for your comments. Anyone else out there got any thoughts on my suggestion?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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