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      So if my suggestion for PQT is:

      Beautiful women find me incredibly attractive now

      Does that work? I know it doesn't make women like me, but does it make me behave confidently around women because I believe they will find me attractive?

      What do you guys think?

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Ej,

        Thanks for posting.

        Whatever you believe will influence your reality. So, if you genuinely believed “Beautiful women find me incredibly attractive now”, that would alter your thoughts and behaviours.

        To keep it brief, I think it would be far more effective to eliminate:

        – any discomfort you feel around women you find beautiful (CT)

        – any “need” to get external validation (CT while thinking of times you experience that need)

        – any beliefs you have about your own attractiveness or perceived self-worth (e.g. “I am not attractive”, “I am ugly”, “I am not worthy”, “Beautiful women don't/couldn't find me attractive”)

        Then go in with the suggestions about being attractive and comfortable.

        For example:

        “When I am around beautiful women, I feel attractive” and “It is absolutely true that I am an attractive person”

        Hope that helps, Ej.

        Kind Regards,

        Paul  :)

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        PSTEC User

          Thanks Paul!

          Does wording matter much?

          Is there a difference between

          I am incredibly attractive to beautiful women
          Beautiful women find me incredibly attractive

          I am thinking the first one puts the focus and power on me and not outside, but maybe since it is a belief the results are the same.

          Any input? Thanks in advance

          Joy Winning
          PSTEC User

            Hey EJ,

            How’s it going? I’m bummed that the forum has so few users currently.  Perhaps with the new Mentor Program rollout, we’ll get some new energy here.  I hope it’s gone well for you.  Joy

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