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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

    Hello everybody,

    I am new to this forum. In case my English sounds odd: my mother tongue is German.

    I am looking for help. Had asked Tim about my problems and got this answer he suggested to post here. If anyone can provide further tips I would be thankful!


    **********My email to Tim and some of his responses…

    Dear Tim,

    I bought your new product immediately.

    But now I am facing problems. E. g., when you talk about getting rid of emotional eating problems, you suggest to clicktrack 8 areas. Just
    one of them is bad relationships. Well, I had at least a dozen of
    them, each with several aspects I could deal with. So there are maybe
    50 or 80 issues I had to clicktrack just for this 1 out of 8 areas.
    Speaking of the other 7, there may be further 100 or so – and
    emotional eating is by far not my only problem. If you consider two or
    three “rounds” each, this is such a huge task I do not know where to
    begin or how to prioritize!

    How could I cluster? In my experience, if I clicktrack one problem there is no effect to the others, no generalization, so to speak.

    <<<<<<<<<The thing to do is not to necessarily use a real event but to create a
    conglomerate of all the worst bits and click track that. That should
    speed progress for you.

    <<<<<<<<<the worst bits and do those first. The other thing that you can do is
    work on the other 7 areas first. Remember that these areas are those
    things that people have told me made a difference to them so it is well
    worth doing them and it may be that you get lucky and hit one of the
    impactors before you find yourself having to work through the
    relationship stuff.

    *********** Another thing is: There are literally hundreds of things that keep triggering negative thinking, bad emotions like hatred, disgust and self hatred. People, circumstances, advertisements, bad behaviour (in my opinion), noise (I am extremely sensitive to everything), music I do not like etc. My head seems to be full of prejudices, and most of the time I am complaining (often not even aware of it and feeling like a “victim” in a “bad world”). This may sound trivial, and I know it, but the feelings are there nonetheless. What could I do about this? If I just concentrate on one of those “annoying” things and clicktrack
    it, the effect will not last long. This is another area where I am
    overwhelmed: How could I possibly clicktrack all those things several
    times and then again after some weeks? It would take years and years!
    How could I cluster or make out the core?

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<< That's a lot trickier to answer. Again my suggestion would be to focus on the ones that affect you most. That's very unusual by the way and so I would expect this to have a cause which is not so diverse. I'd use the accelerators rather than the
    other tracks for clearance of any of these and then follow the earliest
    memories that subsequently appear.

    ************With your help, I extinguished the bad feelings of dozens of traumatic experiences – which I am very thankful for! -, but still my life in general is no better. Do you have any hint for me how I could go on
    effectively without spending this incredible amount of time just
    trying to get rid of all those waste in my brain?

    <<<<<<<<<<< A really good hypnotherapist should be able to speed progress considerably shortcutting the time for you by a great deal. A bad
    hypnotherapist would make no difference whatsoever. My suggestion would
    be to hit the forums and do your best to find a really good one near to

    <<<<<<<<<Michael (from Germany)
    Kind Regards

    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Michael,

    I'm going to be a bit general here…

    First of all, the approach that you are taking is along the lines of non-specific re-patterning, which can be very effective.

    Another way, as Tim mentions in The Easy Way, is to use specific re-patterning.  When you take this approach you may be more effective because it is more targeted and easier to measure your progress so that you can make adjustments.

    The toughest part of this work (play?) is seeing the issues to target and also staying on track, so you might consider finding someone to help work with you at least to get you started and on track.

    If you go to the PSTEC Registry, there is a listing of various PSTEC therapists, practitioners and experts.  You can browse through there…Don't let the geography get in the way because most of the practitioners can work with you via the phone or Skype.



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