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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      Here are some very useful and smooth suggestions for change. One round with the long PQT will create a noticeable shift in your mind model. 2-3 will be even better.

      • Change is good when needed and appropriate
      • Change and success are linked
      • If I change then I can expect success
      • I can change this way and that way
      • I can easily change here and there
      • Change is so natural for me
      • Change is progress



      Scott Lambert
      PSTEC User

        Hey Brian great to see you on the board again!

        Two questions:

        Q1. Why do you suggest multiple installations of a belief? (I’m not challenging your post or your experience, this simply a process question)

        What is your opinion about belief maintenance? I’ve changed a lot of beliefs from both angles using belief blaster and PQT.

        It seems like when we create a natural belief it has been established through repetitive thinking of a  thought which eventually becomes a belief. Once we create the natural belief we continue to think it (or maintain it) even when it becomes automatic through the subconscious.

        Q2. In your experience do you think beliefs that are installed using PQT need to be maintained or  re-installing with PQT?



        Brian Tucker
        PSTEC User

          #1 – One round can work astonishing wonders for some people, often times that is all that is needed. Some may need a few more. Tim does say that 2 and 3 times make it so much better.


          #2 – In my experience, once the problem is completely collapsed you will know it because it will be gone, and by gone I mean not existing whatsoever both thinking and feelings. If there are any feelings remaining, definitely will want to continue working on it.

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            p.s. Good to hear from you, Scott!

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