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      I would like to use PSTEC to reprogram my subconscious mind for business success and wealth.

      I have a couple of questions:

      Does anyone have a written down proven process/plan that I can follow that incorporates all the appropriate PSTEC tools? (I will buy what I need).

      Is it possible to do this intensely or should it be done over time? For example, could I take a week off and spend it reprogramming my subconscious or would that lead to overload?


      Sally Baker
      PSTEC User

        You can do a great deal of your clearing work with the free click tracks. If you're scheduling some time to do this work everyday for 20-30 mins you'll need to buy the EEF tracks to add variety and stop your subconscious mind from becoming too familiar with the pattern of clicks and tones.

        As you progress you will need the PSTEC Extra Positive tracks to reinforce and subconsciously embed what you want to achieve.

        Start a note book and write down your conscious blocks to success and abundance. If you know EFT I would encourage you to use that to reveal the deeper reasons for your blocks. Also focus on your self-talk and the language you use to speak to yourself. Note these down too as they are rarely encouraging and could be a clue to where your belief system originates.

        Take your time to comprehensively clear all your blocks. Be open to what emerges and clear it. 

        Peter Bunyan
        PSTEC User

          Hi Suzanne
          In addition to Sally's suggestions.
          Take a look at “Think and Grow Rich with PSTEC” this is a six month course @ $14 a month designed around Napoleon Hills book with added special PSTEC tracks.
          Alternatively “How to Achieve almost Anything – The easy Way” this is a long step by step tutorial at $47
          Both require a least the Free basic click tracks other packages are suggested but you can start without them and get them as you think or find you need them.
          Time allowed? This is how long is a piece of string question. Targets with times are an integral part of both systems. Also you might have an existing business or you might be starting up, you might have a lot of experience or you might be a newbie. The Think and Grow Rich Course can be taken quicker than six months there is also a members only forum for this course. Membership continues after the course and you keep all the tracks and audios.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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