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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Hi Dixie,

      Yes, I've been having great success with the PSTEC tools, and been finding many ways to use them to deal with long-standing traumas, and fears, and anxiety issues.

      Here's an example for you –

      Yesterday, I was going to be driving my ex-wife and her sister to the airport while they went on vacation. I noticed a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety, and a sense of self-doubt in the morning about myself and my ability to maintain good feelings amongst everyone, as I still harbored bad feelings about the way our marriage had failed and the part her sister had played in it for a period of over 12 years.

      Once I recognized what the feelings were, I allowed myself to focus in on them, and began playing the Basic Click Track #1, setting my player to continuous playing so I wouldn't have to be bothered with restarting it and breaking my concentration.

      I had about an hour before they'd be arriving, so I just kept playing the track and tapping along as my mind zeroed in on all the situations and injustices of the past, and all the agreements that had been made that I didn't agree with, and all the various ways that I felt I'd been wronged.

      By the time they arrived, all emotional charges had been released, and I welcomed them quite warmly, and felt fully like myself and totally at peace. We had a nice ride to the airport (they insisted I drive… :-), and had a wonderful conversation, and now I have the wonderful use of my ex-wife's very nice and luxurious Buick LeSabre for the week.

      So, that's one way I've been using the PSTEC tools – just before any event for which I notice any sense of apprehension or fear, and when there's a bit of time available to do some quick tapping.

      Hope this gives you some ideas on way's you might use the tools in situations you hadn't thought of before yourself…

      Happy Click Tracking…! ;-)

      [color=rgb(51, 102, 255)][/color]

      Great idea, Glenn! I've done something similar with the CTs — that is, using them to tap away anxiety before I head into a dreaded event. It works!

      I'd be interested to know what you mean by setting your player to “continuous playing”. I have all the tracks loaded into my iTunes and I listen from there. Can you tell me how to do it or link me to something that can?

      Thanks in advance!

      God's peace, Dixie

      Hi Dixie,

      To listen to a track continuously, or “looping”, in iTunes would be referred to as turning on “Repeat Play” and you can select either “Repeat One” to listen repeatedly to just one track, or “Repeat All” to have it play multiple tracks and then go back to the first one again when the last one is finished.

      To do this, create a playlist, then place a check mark next to the files in the platlist that you'd like to play.
      Then, go to the menu and click “Controls”, then select “Repeat”, and then choose “One” or “All” as desired. Then, when the track starts playing it will repeat itself when it reaches the end, or if multiple tracks are selected (such as Basic #1, Basic #2, EEF #1, for instance, if that's the sequence you've determined will be most effective on the item you're dealing with), it will start over at the start of the playlist when it reaches the end.

      As far as what I use, I've got a bunch of audio recording and playback programs on my computer, being a professional musician and sound engineer kind of guy, but for listening to the Click Tracks, I prefer good ol' WinAmp, which just has a button to click to turn on repeat, making it very simple to enjoy repeat listening. Just drag your tracks to it and drop them in, and they start continuously playing and automatically repeat, either one or the whole group, depending on what you dropped in. You can download and install the free WinAmp player from

      Happy Click Tracking…!



      God's peace, Dixie

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