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    Jeff Harding
    PSTEC User

      Another way I've been using the Free Click Tracks (though I have them all) is to use them on anchors that exist in my environment.

      I've lived in my house now for 22 years, and there's a lot of history and memories attached to so many things. This emotional component that is attached to these things is referred to as an “anchor” in NLP terminology, and basically means that your emotions are triggered when you see them, bringing up emotions and feelings that perhaps otherwise you wouldn't choose.

      As triggers in our surroundings are “just there” and happen, they have a very strong effect of keeping us stuck in our feelings about who we are; our memories of what we can and cannot do according to who we were way back then; there are memories of bad feelings, and memories of arguments; and there are memories and reminders of people and times in our lives and how we were feeling that no longer apply, but these surroundings continue to trigger us, so much so, that it's become simply a habit, something we do that we don't even notice happening, but these anchors in our environment are very strong in their effect on our thoughts, our feelings, and our behavior.

      To give you an idea of how I've been using the Click Tracks in this way –

      The room I chose for my office used to be my ex-wife's “Bear Room”. She had a huge collection of assorted stuffed animals and bears she had acquired since being a child. Each had it's own name, and each had their very own unique personality attributed to it. She had hundreds of these stuffed, furry, and adorable friends, and they needed a home too, and hence they had their own special room.

      I built a pair of full-size platform beds for them so they'd have something to sit on, and I built a whole wall of custom shelving just for them too. I wallpapered the room with a very country crafty looking wall paper and border, which I'll hasten to mention wasn't my taste at all, but as it was designated to be hers, as her special 'bear room', I agreed she could have whatever wall paper she desired and supplied all the effort and labor that it required.

      So, after I had been working with the PSTEC tracks for about the first three days, I began to notice that I had some kind of feelings going on under the surface about the surroundings that I sat in each day. I began to realize that these feelings kept my ex-wife always there in the back of my mind, and my mind was still waiting for her, as it had done in the past, feeling like it wouldn't be long before she would arrived back home soon. It was a bit disconcerting the realize that that was actually still going on under the surface, as I've been divorced now for a little more than 14 years.

      So, I put on the headphones and started the Free Basic Click Track #1 and I began tapping. I just stared at the wallpaper around me as I tapped, and as I did, various memories and feelings began to come up.

      I remembered scenes that had happened so long ago, like when I spent so much time and effort building those custom shelves for her bears, and all I wanted for all of that work was a hug and a kiss, that was all, and I was heartbroken when she didn't see any reason to reward me this way. That memory was still there, highly charged, under the surface, and the feelings of disappointment were still strong, I was quite surprised to see.

      So, I just kept on tapping and tapping as the track kept on repeating, and curious to see just how much more there was to come up. Finally finding there was no more, it had all been extracted from the walls where it had been embedded by my mind, until at last when I looked around the room there was nothing else there, I felt peaceful and calm, and there were no more memories or emotions from the past that were triggered.

      Being sensitive to what triggers us, is one of the keys to discovering what's there under the surface, and finally being able to release what's actually controlling us through our inner programming. The programming revealing itself to our conscious minds normally only through subtle expressions of feelings ranging from subtle to strong.

      But behind each subtle feeling, or what I refer to as 'subtle energy, are these scenes and situations that the subconscious mind has stored in full detail somewhere in the past, along with a very strong emotional charge.

      By noticing the feelings that are there under the surface as you examine your surroundings and playing the PSTEC Click tracks as you focus on any negative or 'odd' feelings you are able to detect, what been laying there under the surface for years is brought up, and by allowing yourself to experience it all fully all over again, the PSTEC tracks do their magic and drain all the emotional charge away, until it's just a memory with no hint of the emotional component left any longer to it.

      So, that's another use for the free Basic Click Tracks, releasing the anchors and emotional charge there might be in your environment.

      Happy Click Tracking..!


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