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    Brian Tucker
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      In my opinion this track is an astounding piece of work. I was listening to the recording with Megan many months back where she mentioned using the “journey” track and how it helped her overcome her social anxiety. I noticed in the recording that there was some discussion about how it should be used. Tim asked her if she played out some scenes in the dance club etc and she said “no” and that she used it per the instructions.

      I started testing this track on myself and then on clients. The way we are using this track is to repeat the suggestion over and over again as the track is playing while “imagining what success is like” which is typically a new story that they imagine while repeating the phrases. I create a handful or more of suggestions and always start off with an affOrmation as well. While listening to the track I always have them try as hard as they can to really become enveloped in the good feelings and really try to feel them.

      All I can say is that your imagination is your only limitation here. This works so well I prefer it to the tapping tracks because it can be used anywhere and the statements can just be made up on the fly. No paper, no pen, no tapping required.

      When it is finished I take all of the statements and string them together in what I call a summary story. This is typically 3 short statements to summarize the entire list that I just installed. I then follow the same process as above with this summary statement and again “imagine what success is like” and really feeling the feelings the entire time of what the expected end result would be while repeating the phrase over and over again. This can also be substituted for ho'oponopono'oponopono-with-journey-track-relaxing-accelerators/

      Typically, I see results in 2-3 days but I do have clients that have reported this has resolved simple “negative thinking specific” issues within 24 hours.

      Bottom line. There are so many ways to use these tracks and adapt them to various scenarios that are not included in the instructions and/or practitioner training.

      There is also a massive difference in the power of the positive extra track vs the standard positive track. It is worth every extra penny.

      Enjoy and keep going!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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