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    Helen Hunt
    PSTEC User

      I have started using PSTEC with a lot of success and the onion is being peeled layer by layer.
      I have gotten to a point where I feel and see that I run a “victim” movie underneath as I have become aware of it 3 times today. This is showing up in my life as: being ripped off, not being heard nor believed, running a scenario before it happens and not being supported. I am about to launch my business and these are a must release but just not sure how to approach it. Guidance on this would be much appreciated. I have the 2.1 tracks, the beliefblaster and the positive quantum turbo. Thank you

      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        Hi Helen – With the mindset of a victim also comes the feelings of being a victim. You can CT those away. It may take several rounds.

        Some beliefs that can hold it in place – you can belief blast in past tense with BB:

        Any efforts to change will fail
        There is no point in trying to change
        Bad things happen
        Bad things will keep happening
        Other people are to blame
        Other circumstances are to blame

        Of course CT any felings of anger and grief associated with the feelings of being a victim.

        Paul McCabe
        PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

          Hi Helen,

          Thanks for your post. I apologise for the late reply.

          I appreciate you sharing some of the pattern you have been addressing and also that you are getting great results with the tracks.

          Whenever you engage the subconscious (which, of course, you do with the PSTEC tracks), it often presents you with clues and other things to address. You have invited it out to play đź‘Ť

          The word “victim” can often be emotionally charged, and many people strive to “not be a victim”, not complain, not dwell on the past etc. These are decent strategies and conscious desires. When someone makes “being a victim” a core part of their identity, it can be extremely disempowering.

          However, some people actually are genuine victims (in the literal definition) of mistreatment – crime, defamation, abuse etc. So, the key thing is to address the times you have been or felt victimised.

          What I suggest here is by no means an exhaustive list. There are so many ways to address these memories.

          You mention “being ripped off.” Now, you will have references for this. What does/would it feel like to be ripped off? Do you have any specific memories of being ripped off, or is it more of an imagined outcome?

          I recommend that you think back to the last time you concluded you had been ripped off or, if you can’t locate a specific memory, imagine that it is going to happen and try to feel bad about it. See if you can go back the earliest time you can recall being ripped off. Think back to childhood

          You will thus have a recent experience, an experience you imagine in the future and a very core past experience.

          I recommend that you bundle these experiences together as “times I have been ripped off.”

          Think of all the ways you have been or could be ripped off and in various contexts.

          Really sit with this and make it as real and vivid as possible.

          Many people who believe they have been ripped off tend to feel a mixture of anger, sadness and embarrassment. The labels are not too important, in my opinion. More important is how you would feel if it was happening to you.

          I recommend that you just allow the heavy feelings to surface and target the most dominant one (e.g. anger tends to be a very powerful emotion that can clear other emotions)

          Then, run a Click Track or two (or more, if required) to get this feeling (or mixture of feelings) down to a SUD rating of 0 or 1.

          One or two CTs per day would be sufficient. You can do more, if you feel comfortable doing so.

          The previous suggestion applies to the pattern of feeling victimised when people do not listen to or believe you.

          Think of specific examples, go back as far as you can and try to feel upset and then CT those scenarios. You will likely find there were some times in your life when people did not support, believe or listen to you.

          You could also check whether the following beliefs resonate with you.

          To check, say these Belief statements out loud and, if they feel true, heavy or painful, then it is a good indicator you hold the belief on some level:

          – “I am not supported”

          – “I am not believed”

          – “I am a victim”

          – “If people don’t believe me, something bad will happen”

          – “People don’t trust me”

          – “People can’t be trusted”

          – “It is dangerous to ask for what I want”

          You may consciously disagree with these statements but, if they feel true in any way, I recommend running each statement through the Belief Blaster (any length of track will be fine).

          Simply put each statement into the past tense and, when running the track, try hard to believe the belief as though it was the absolute truth – try to feel the truth of it, try hard to bring up “evidence” for the Belief statement being true (e. g. think of specific times where it felt you could actually see the belief was a fact about you, people or life etc.) and mouth the words of the statement.

          After running the track, say the statement out loud again and see whether it still feels true. I suspect you will find that things feel very different.

          You can supplement this work with some Positive Quantum Turbo suggestions. These can work amazingly well on their own, or in addition to the Click Tracks and other PSTEC tools.

          There are many excellent PQT suggestions that have been offered on the forum. It is most important that you use suggestions that really speak to you, so you can use or modify any which have already been suggested… or craft your own.

          Please let me know how you get on, Helen. If you have any questions at all, please let me know.

          Kind Regards,
          <p style=”text-align: left;”>Paul</p>

          Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

          Please contact me anytime if you want any assistance in utilising PSTEC to help you live a life of tremendous freedom & possibility.

          Recreate yourself with PSTEC.

          Skype, Zoom, in-person & phone sessions available…

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