VICTORY Over Fear Of Heights

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    Scott Lambert
    PSTEC User

      I decided to paint my 2 story house myself even though I was afraid of heights. The minute I climb on the roof I get vertigo. I  feel off balance, the different heights of the roof and the ground make my stomach turn. Uncontrolable aweful feelings.

      At one point I had to stop because I was holding so much fear I felt sick.

      I was thinking I could clicktrack the fear. At the time I was clicktracking on so many other things I didn't adress this fear. I have no idea why.

      I have been using PSTEC quite a lot lately and I decided to model some of the statements Brian had provided in our coaching sessions. So I used the Belief Blaster for the belief “I must have lived in fear” as part of what I was working on which was totally unrelated.

      To my amazement when I climbed up my 40ft extension ladder I literally had no fear. Picture me holding the paint sprayer with a long extension, way up the side of my house where I was too frightened to go a day earlier!

      At one point I was so focused on the job I was holding the sprayer with both hands. I realized I was feeling a little too comfortable and resumed hanging on the ladder with one of my hands again. It felt weird not to feel that fear. I kept testing myself, going higher, doing more prep work like scraping and culking…still no fear at all.

      Then the big test came today. I was ready to paint the highest walls at the back and side of the house that I had been putting off because of my fear.

      Looking at the work to be done I realized I totally forgot to prep and paint the peak of the back of the house. The absolute highest point of the house with just 2 feet of shingles to step on, with a steep downward slope.

      As soon as I got ont to the third roof that connected to the peak the fear came rushing back stronger than ever. So I decided to clicktrack it. I used the CT 2015 and climed into that peak and sat down on that 2 foot downward sloping section and used the 18 min long version. I was freaking out just sitting there!

      As I was clicktracking, each time Tim's voice would say bring back the feeling, I would lean ahead and look at the ground that seemed like it was miles below. My body was literally vibrating.

      I have to say after 18 minutes I was still freaking out. But the subtle changes had already begun. I said to myself that I couldn't justify sitting on my roof clicktracking all day and I had to get started fear or not. I also thought that I had put in enough clicktracking that my mind would benefit even if I didnt tap, so I put the long version on repeat and started to prep the most dangerous spot I have ever been in.

      In a short period of time I found my thoughts changing and becoming more focused on the job rather than being obsessed with falling to my death or being confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of my life due to a spinal injury. These were the worst case scenarios I was visualizing in the first 18 minutes.

      My new thoughts were; if I put my foot down flat I'll have more surface area to stop myself from sliding off. If I shift my weight to my foot and my butt I have even more surface area. I noticed my selftalk change first then my comfort level gradually got better.

      Now I'm way up on the highest part of the roof, laying on the 2 ft overhang culking and scraping. Now the spray gun. I picked up the gun from where I had it hanging and because it had a long hose going to the sprayer it was heavy and seemed to be pulling at me in the direction of falling off.

      Well, as the CTs played in my headphones, I won't say I was 100% comfortable but I was not even close to freaking out. I felt good and I got the job done.

      After that I was painting the other high walls and I can say I was 100% comfortable on that ladder and was actually excited to complete the job.


      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Scott,

        Thanks for that update and for mapping out what you did to achieve that outcome.

        I know that will help so many people who read this.

        For some people, a fear of heights can actually be formed via a metaphorical construct (a fear of “climbing the ladder” or “fear of uncertainty”, for example)

        What tends to happen is that, as you immerse yourself in PSTEC, the patterns emerge and your faith in yourself and in resolving issues increases. I have seen and heard this a lot too.

        Thanks for giving another great demonstration for what is possible with PSTEC (in the heat of the moment too).

        I look forward to reading more from you, Scott.

        Paul ?

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