Weight Issues and PSTEC

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    Meghan Saunders
    PSTEC User

      Hello all —

      I just wanted to note this is an area of interest for me as well. I believe PSTEC has been designed perfectly to help people get results with weight issues, absolutely. I was elated when I realized how useful PSTEC would be for helping people with body image & health issues related to weight. This is a very exciting breakthrough. The Easy Way audio gives a great step-by-step approach to this very issue.

      The wonderful thing is you can use pstec in a self-help manner via the audios — or you can work with a practitioner who can help you filter through where you might need to focus. Sometimes a second set of ears can be quite helpful. We often cannot hear what we are actually saying — but another — can hear a wealth of useful information by just listening to what you say, experience & believe.

      http://www.wholesomewellbeing.com/?page_id=7  — warning: This is my website!

      PSTEC's design can address weight issues & offers an exciting possibility for creating permanent change! The approach is not another diet… not another disappointment, it's not a fad or a gimmick. And if you are discouraged about things because you have 'failed' before — I could not agree with Tim, the creator of pstec, more

      do a search for quotes by Einstein, Edison and Ford —- too often we think fail, done, loser – never again. Instead we need to see 'fails' as — this did not work —- I still need to achieve X — therefore, I must find another way. Try again.

      What if — PSTEC really did work?

      Meghan saunders

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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