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    Maralyn Durrant
    PSTEC User

      I have a lot of emotions that I am using Click Tracks to help me with, and I bought PSTEC Negative: The Belief Eraser to help get rid of my bad beliefs.  As I was learning how to use PN, I saw that it works best with PSTEC Positive.  I then went to look to see how much that one was and I found out that I could buy different ones, PSTEC Level 1, PSTEC Positive Secrets, PSTEC Positive Extra Power, Positive Empowered.  I can't get them all, and I need as much help as possible with my low self esteem, weight loss, my work with our family business, and so many more bad thoughts going through my head.  I was thinking to get Level 1, but are the new ones better and more powerful?  Which one will work best for me to get started with?

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        Hi Maralyn,  if you haven't got iPSTEC Positive then you could always use affirmations as I explain in the PSTEC Negative user guide.
        1) If you do decide to get PSTEC Positive then PSTEC Level 1 is always my first suggestion. It contains so much including of course PSTEC Positive. 
        2) PSTEC Positive extra Power is just that – extra power and enhancements to the original. I produced these about four years after first offering Level 1 when I realised I could up the power even more on them but that's all there is.  Whereas Level 1 has important tutorials, EEfs etc.
        3) PSTEC Positive Secrets is all tutorial and I designed it for people who want all the ins and outs. Some people do. Other people don't. (I try to deliver PSTEC in bite size pieces in order to make it easy to get to grips with)
        4) Positive empowered has nothing to do with PSTEC Positive – it';s a hypnotic audio.
        I hope this answers your question.
        Aloha! from a chilly corner of England.

        Maralyn Durrant
        PSTEC User

          Thank you Tim, I am going to get the Level 1.  I have been listening to a lot of the podcasts, and they have helped me so much, thank you Jeff and Tim. 

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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