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    Estelle Williams
    PSTEC User

      I recently acquired Sally's magic sentences for abundance. I find it very challenging to concentrate and remember the sentences and the first time I did it I thought that I was completely hopeless at it! But I did it anyway and decided the value is in trying and not getting it 100% correct but to try to just the same.

      After the first session it was a couple of days before anything happened, but it was not the effect I was hoping for (i.e. abundance). In fact it was quite the opposite. My husband's pay was delayed for nearly a week, I booked a flight for him online and the computer crashed after the flight was paid for but there was no booking recorded, and my real estate agent rang to say an outstanding maintenance bill of over $500 from 9 months ago which they had overlooked had to be paid immediately. I was not having a good day!

      A friend of mine whom I mentioned this chain of events to suggested it was like getting a facial. At first all the gunk underneath has to come to the surface so your skin may break out and not look good at all, but after that then the skin will be glowing. Perhaps all of my underlying negative beliefs about abundance have to 'pop' before I see something better.

      So I have done the magic sentences track again today and see if the gunk's all gone or if there's more there to come up (to continue the metaphor)! It's a bit nerve-wracking as I don't want another day like last Friday…

      I'd love to hear other people's experiences of magic sentences, whether it's for abundance or other purposes. Did things get worse before they got better?

      Evan Bageris
      PSTEC User

            Hi Estelle,
        I am sorry you had such a hard week.  The perception that things are getting worse before they get better usually has to do with increased awareness but in your case I think it can be chalked up yo coincidence.  You likely would have faced similar circumstamces if you had used the anxiety or procrastination recordings. Magic Sentences are a wonderful way of bombarding your sub with helpful truths in a game like fashion.  There are no drawbacks and they work better with every use.  Do not be afraid that by listening to the recording you had some type of reverse effect that caused your misfortunes. Magic sentences having a reverse effect is only magic thinking.  Log as many listen throughs as you can and watch your luck change for the better.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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