What to do with important memories that arise during belief blasting?

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      When I'm running belief blasters, my mind shows me few memories where that belief was operating, sometimes it even reveals long forgotten childhood memories which I think were the root memories when the belief itself formed. I quickly jot down these memories.(just their titles)

      By the end of the belief track, the belief seems neutralised and the memories carry no charge. They are just visuals with no particular negative feelings attached to them.

      My question is should I clicktrack these memories anyway, since they seem important.

      Thank you

      Paul McCabe
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hi Whitelotus,

        Thanks for posting.

        The Belief Blasters extract the emotional charge out of beliefs as the beliefs are eliminated, so it is certainly not uncommon for causal memories to flash through your mind  (and be re-interpreted) when running the track.

        Note down the causal memories  (as you have been doing) and, if they carry any unwanted charge at all, I would recommend running these through the Click Track.

        If you feel completely neutral about the memories and there is no charge, I would suggest that there is no need to CT it. The work has already been done.

        Trust your instincts on that, though, as you may find additional benefits in running these through the CT – e.g. other memories surfacing.



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          That's great. Thank you for the prompt and clear response. Much appreciated :)

          Brian Tucker
          PSTEC User

            That advice is as good as it gets! Thank you, Paul.

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