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    Meghan Saunders
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      Hello –

      I was not aware of a glitch in the new forum matrix until recently which was not alerting me to the new posts in the forum.  I may or may not have gotten confused when the forum shifted!!!!!

      I just updated my profile as well and remembered the section – – what is your PSTEC experience???  Well – – here is a little about mine:

      I found PSTEC through my use of EFT and I am glad I followed a link to Tim's work.  PSTEC has been a wonderful and useful tool for me to use in first clearing my own beliefs and emotional attachments. 

      Now I am able to use it with clients as well.  We are able to make significant progress quickly with the use of homework assignments.

      I am a nutritional therapist and often find resistance gets in the way of a client getting better results and better results faster.  With certain clients I am able to use PSTEC and other methods to help them work through these road blocks to meet with success.  The body typically follows patterns and when the road blocks are removed for 'a certain issue' – we often find road blocks to other issues are removed as well without specifically addressing them.  My clients are often surprised by this and love it.

      My clients are big fans that we don't have to talk about every last detail regarding ___________ – whatever it is.  I've also developed any ANON process so they do not have to reveal any details.  Most people I work with are OVER talking about their problems and not moving past them 'by now'.  They tell me, with my methods, like PSTEC and my homework assignments – they are just able to clear so much more – with ease and rapidity they can't believe it. 

      Sometimes we actually have to do a little click tracking around their anger that they didn't find this type of therapy sooner!  My clients enjoy being able to clear things in such a different way now, in their own space – – it can be a little strange to realize how easy letting go actual is with the right processes. 

      The other thing my clients express is that they feel empowered now having a go to method of clearing stressful things that come up in life so they no longer feel surmounted by stress because they are regularly releasing it these days!

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