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      I used PSTEC one day, I was anxious over  some lovedone's well being. The their situation always left me in a dilema, so i was anxious as i was for past 20 years when ever their thougs occupies my head. and it was one of that day. i was in my bed and feeling down. I statrted PSTEC freeones, and started tapping the rythem with my finger on hard surfaces strongly and boom, after 10 minutes I was all clear, clean and hyper for 2 days. I got excited, purchased few more products from PSTEC, got them, they were detailed, but I was using the free ones as a general practice. Now The products I bought were not related to what I was looking for, I wrote to TIM, Jeff responded offering me Level 1 for free, I got them, i was obliged as I have never seen any such generosity on digital products anywhere else. Now, I have enough arsenal under my belt, but, It is not working as it did for the first time. It is not working anyways, I feel the sensations and distractions after and during tapping/clicking but after that it is the same heavy chest.

      Now my question is simple and I am going to keep iut simpler and I would highly appreciate even a simpler response from anyone. I donot need any explanation, please just provide me a simple procedure to follow and I will do that and I will appreciate your efforts. Long responses leave me lost and confised.

      Here is my situation.

      I feel I have some childhood pain deep in my memory.
      Any situation where I am underpressure, I am tested or I am challeneged, my energy just drains out, my shoulders get numb or heavy and I have a burning, chect which is heavy. this is the symptom.

      Any painful thougts like my ailing lovedones, or myslef not physically helping them, My inabiliyty to move up in my Job, thoughs of lack of funds becasue of low salary, everything makes brings those same feeling.

      I want a procedure to use EEF tracks or free tracks or Positive tracks which I can use in general, many times in a day that will eliminate this situation.

      I will appreciate your help

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi Sheer
        If you have the Accelerators use them. They will help you access those childhood memories.

        Use the Free Click Tracks on every recent event or any event you can remember that brought up the “heavy chest” feeling, focus on that feeling while tapping.

        If you cannot remember that childhood memory or event/s then Click on any and every childhood memory that feels negative, any relationship, memory or event that does not feel what Jeff calls JEEP (Joy Excitement Enthusiasm & Passion)

        It may take some time, keep going.


          Thanks Peter,
          Review past is not a good memory, not becasue it is all gloomy, actually it is not, but there are people in the past and many others who are no lonnger in this world. Plus, past is just like a movie, events come one after the other, shadows of places I lived, friends, family, schools, hoses, events. And that makes me said as that time is gone.
          What I did, I let the movie ran, from early childhood too present and kept on clicking, 3 passes. I got tired, but never got the JEEP feeling which I got the other day. I will keep doing this as pin pointing one single event of past never shows any attached emotions.
          Is there any other way? I am planning to do clicking/tapping one the whole past as a movie, randomly, multiple times a day, for few days. What do you think?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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