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    Brian Tucker
    PSTEC User

      What is your dream trying to tell you? It seems like everyone has asked the questions “What does my dream mean?” “What do my dreams symbol?” “I keep having the same dream over and over again, why?”

      All you need to do is turn off the lights, go to bed and see for yourself a whole world beyond your consciousness – the world of your dreams.

      I'm here to tell you that your dreams can absolutely change your life.

      For those not familiar, I will introduce Edmund Bergler an Austrian-born American psychoanalyst and his voluminous contribution of books, additional unpublished volumes and book projects as well as over 300 published papers. Wikipedia summarizes his works covering such topics as childhood development, mid-life crises, loveless marriages, gambling, self-defeating behaviors, and homosexuality. He was the labeled the most important psychoanalytic theorist of homosexuality in the 1950s. Other papers are on beating fantasies, writers block, Victor Hugo, Hamlet, agoraphobia, stage fright, obscene words, smoking and the day residue in dreams among many others.

      Bergler claimed that dreams can help us best when we are able to accurately decode them. When we capture our dreams and decipher them correctly, they will reveal hidden dimensions of our existence and lead us toward self-fulfillment.

      I had a lot of recurring dreams. “Why? Why? Why?” I kept asking myself for decades. There are no coincidences. So I decided one day to use the “why technique” on my dreams.

      There is one thing that every dreams has. Feelings. This is the key to unlocking what is behind your dreams and freeing yourself from your deepest subconscious blocks.

      At first I put a notebook and pen beside my bed so anytime I had a dream I would  jot down a few notes about the dream and feelings so I could remember it more in detail. But then I would just clicktrack on the dream as soon as I woke up from it no matter what time of the night. This was when the feelings were the strongest. So why not?

      I use the PSTEC accelerator package heavily. What I realized was that instead of asking “why?” all the time, why not try the “Why Technique?” on my dreams. All I needed was a feeling and those were present with all my dreams. Very strong feelings. Perfect!

      The first candidate was @ 18 months ago. I woke up in the middle of the night having a dream that someone was holding me down and I had some billiard balls in my hand. I was hitting this person in the head with the billiard balls but it would not hurt the person. It did not matter how hard I hit them I felt more and more unable to escape this person. I suddenly woke up and felt the horrendous feelings that came with the dream, feeling trapped, couldn't escape, helpless, powerless etc. Too many feelings combined at once to list. Normal for many dreams. If Bergler were alive perhaps he could interpret it though there was no reason to. I had the answer already. The feeling.

      I reached over and grabbed my phone to play the tapping accelerator track to start the “why technique” on the feeling. Sure enough, within 30 seconds I was transported back to my childhood. My mother worked days and had to leave us with a babysitter in the summer while we were on break. One particular babysitter was a male and his idea of punishment was to hold me down, sit on me and force me to eat mustard which I hated. (I actually love it on pretzels now hehe) he thought that was funny, though it was not. I went through life thinking it was no big deal. Psychologically, it was.

      Sure enough, these feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, trapped, danger, unsafe were all tied to this event. On top of that were feelings of resentment. I had tried to clear all of these feelings many times before however, they were very stubborn. This time I found that resentment (anger) with this event was holding them all up in place. Once this was cleared with the clicktracks, I moved to an amazing new level of freedom. I noticed many forms of procrastination and avoidance patterns in my life had completely disappeared on their own as a result.

      I have repeated this many times with many different dreams. Recurring dreams I had for decades – all gone now – along with the original events that were causing them and their resulting patterns.

      I will post links to other major life patterns I've uncovered and resolved through my dreams in this thread as I add them ongoing to the forum.

      I want to again thank Tim for his amazing reality altering contributions. There is nothing like PSTEC and no words to describe it other than it is truly the most powerful tool in the universe. Thank you!

      Brian Tucker
      PSTEC User

        I encourage others to give this process a go and share any experiences they have.

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