Zap your Exam nerves FAST with PSTEC and EFT

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    Sally Baker
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      Exam nerves jangling your brain?

      Research has shown that extreme exam nerves can cause students to score 12 percentiles lower than averagely anxious students.  Read 'Zap your exam nerves – FAST' blog post to show how you can access for free and learn two powerful therapy tools (PSTEC and EFT) to quickly dispel your anxiety, clearing your mind to enhance recall and clarity. Please share this free resource with anyone you know currently in the midst of exam panic.

      The self help tools are easy to learn and quick to make a difference. For teachers out there the techniques can be applied to small groups as well individuals, and is an ideal classroom approach as they are not hypnotic. (Contact me, Sally Baker via the forum to find more about licence use of PSTEC for groups).
      Click on this bitly link for more info

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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