Reply To: Sex and Libido

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You're always welcome!

    Ok, let's take this further… You said, “…libido has still not improved. My Ability to perform has improved.”

    How do you know your ability has improved?  How can you test that? (no need to send videos  :- )

    … and …

    How do you know your libido has not improved?  Under what circumstances do you see this manifesting?

    You see, I ask those questions because as someone shifts their perception regarding an emotional issue, there may be situations where they maintain their belief systems that say they “should be feeling libido under ____________ circumstance.” So, perhaps that is no longer the case because it's not “ideal” any longer to feel libido under those previous circumstances… something to explore.

    If this issue becomes a bit confusing to sort out, this is where working with a practitioner one-on-one might be the best route because it's a bit difficult to truly sort through the aspects here in a forum.

    On your question: “Is the emotional reaction to the words fear & sadness and especially rejection the sub trying to tell me something?”

    Emotions come up for a reason… always… so if a “non-JEEP” emotion arises, there is a cause… there is a source of it… and the source is either emotional, beliefs or behaviors or a combination of all 3.

    So, again, one way to find the source is to follow the emotions that come … follow them back to the source… clear or release the source or cause… let the sub then shift or revise the mind model.

    When that happens, shifts in perception occur and then your ability to perceive Reality changes as well.