Reply To: Sex and Libido

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi NPH,

    No anxiety or fears?!!  Excellent, my good man!!  You're on the path, stay there and continue moving forward. ;D

    Now, back to work… ;)

    I'm not sure I have the picture clear because previously you wrote…

    “…my libido has still not improved. My Ability to perform has improved.”
    Now you are saying, “Yet again I failed to perform. I have the desire but the impulse/ability to be turned on is not there.”

    So, sorting out those definitions might take some one-on-one chat.  That's where a practitioner is most helpful, among other aspects… sorting out thoughts and emotions.

    With that said, here are a couple suggestions…

    • Since it appears you have no emotions around this that you are conscious of, look to use more of PSTEC Positive (PP) to begin “shaping” your Mind Model (MM) around “being a stud.”  You see, with the past problems, they obviously had an emotional component, right?  But, the other aspects of the MM as put together by the subconscious (sub) include beliefs and behaviors and not you are in the realm of using PP as the tool.
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      Note: I have used (man/woman) so that anyone can insert what's appropriate for them.

    • Begin to craft Positive Statements (PS) around what you desire and then use PP…

      Start with going in the opposite direction of where you feel you're going… I am brainstorming here and it's difficult to pinpoint without a conversation… bear with me, this is just an example…

      Taking what you said, “I failed to perform. I have the desire but the impulse/ability to be turned on is not there.”… here are some suggestions that move in the opposite direction…

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      “I perform with pleasure because I am at ease with (my partner/with women/with men).


      “I am at ease with my viral body.


      “When I am attracted to a (woman/man), I get turned on and perform.”

      You can, of course, craft others and tweak them until there are “yours.”

    • Consider using the Accelerators a bit to help with recall if that is a possible issue.
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    • Take a look at your last “attempt”… do you have any non-JEEP reactions to that recent memory?  Use the CT on those emotions if you do.
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      Again, a session with a PSTEC practitioner might reap benefits to you … check the PSTEC Registry.