Reply To: Sex and Libido

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey NPH… You don't need to stick to geographic boundaries when you look for a PSTEC Practitioner because most practitioners do work via the phone or Skype.  So, it might be very helpful for you to find someone to sort this out a bit so you can continue moving forward with the same successes you have already experienced.

    If you work on your own two things…

    • Imagine not being able to be turned… never getting there … now, how does that feel?  Any fear or any other emotion that is not pleasant?  If so, take that imagine event, focus on it with the Click Track and try hard to hold onto the feeling.
    • The other one that I touched on in this post is the use of PSTEC Positive for belief and behavior changes.
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