Reply To: Sex and Libido

shane corr

    Thanks Jeff. I was just about to check practitioners when I read the suggestion

    “[color=rgb(42, 56, 71)]Imagine not being able to be turned… never getting there … now, how does that feel?” [/color]
    [color=rgb(42, 56, 71)][/color]
    [font=tahoma, sans-serif]As soon as I did this I got very emotional. It was a feeling of inadequacy and unmanliness/worthlessness.[/font]

    [font=tahoma, sans-serif]I will use the CT on these feelings[/font]

    [font=tahoma, sans-serif]I'm currently working on beliefs based around your suggestions. [/font]

    [font=tahoma, sans-serif]Thank you so much Jeff :)[/font]