Reply To: Sex and Libido

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    You're always welcome NPH!

    One of the greatest techniques to expose your fears is not very popular because so many counselors, practitioners and modalities want to “stay positive” (which is an admirable desire), but in their effort to stay positive, their motivation is fear.  And the more willing we are to support our fears by avoiding them, the longer and more intensely those fears will say with us.

    So, when one feels stuck or if you just want to be sure you are letting go of more fears, ask yourself the question…

    “If I were to utterly fail at ________________, how would I feel?”

    So, if I am at peace with failure and, in fact, do not see it as failure, but as the Truth of what it is (and that is different for everyone), then, if still inspired to move forward without fear, I do just that to explore, experiment and see where it takes me.

    So, be sure to be WILLING… that's all you have to do … BE WILLING to identify the fear… WILLING to “visit” the fear so that you can target it with your Click Tracks and be done with it!

    Aloha nui!