Reply To: What order should I work on

Leslie Onyesoh

    Hi All,

    First time clicker here  ;)

    I have to say what an amazing thread. Just what I was looking for!!

    I have just downloaded the free click tracks and started work on my list. I did my first full round of tapping on several issues  the night before last and I have to say the following day the results were profound. Less anxiety, mental chatter and sense of wellness and confidence. I am working on my own business and had to pitch to an angel today who was very forceful in his probing. At one point my 3 min pitch left me and there was a moment, just a moment of panic. But it didn't materialise as I shifted thread thread and went on with it recovering my pitch later in the meeting. Previously I know I would have buckled under the strain, wilted and stammered and lost the plot. Instead I was forthright, direct and addressed his comments and questions. With less waffle to boot…it got me a second meeting at the very least.

    I was looking for a resource to outline how best to address the growing list of issues that I need to utilise the click tracks on. The list gets ever longer as I now get thoughts, emotions and images pop into my head. But now instead of dwelling on them unduly, I get out my phone make a note and update my list when I get home. I find it's also a good way to let go of the thought or feeling as I don't have to lock it inside. I know I will get to it when I am ready to deal with it. Feelings of controlling my emotions rather than my emotions ruling me!

    I was wondering what is the best time to use the click tracks, before sleep, as I have been doing or at any time of day? You suggest one or two issues a day….I guess will have to curb my enthusiasm  ;D

    Again thanks for a great post/thread. I enjoy the clarity that is expressed here.

    Best to all,