Reply To: What order should I work on

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Ony,

    You're always welcome!

    I love you passion and your diligence… keep up the good work… er… play!  ;D

    It's interesting that when we neutralize or remove the reasons why we are limited, then our unlimited (I call our True Self) to come forth more and more and “take over” our daily intentions… our actions then become more effortless while, at the same time, more effective… dare I say, perfect!

    The best time to do PSTEC play depends upon you… you KNOW best, so merely listen and you will be aware of what you KNOW.

    My comment about one or two issues a day is alluding to being kind to yourself… to taking it easy and not forcing, willing or pushing.

    So, there may be times when you work on more than one or two a day because it's time to let them go.  Other days, just one.  Other days none.  Other times, just being aware and taking notes to be reviewed and worked on later.

    Remember, time is not important, only Life… so follow Life as you not only do your PSTEC work, but as you feel the power of your True Self and express it out there!